12 Fun Ways to get Juniors into Golf

Let’s get those juniors into golf while they are young! Our golf course hosts one of the largest junior programs in the state! (I don’t mean to brag). Because of this, I have seen and helped hundreds of juniors become more familiar with the game of golf!

Here are 12 Fun Ways to get Juniors into the game of Golf 

1. Junior Golf Set

Introducing young people to the game of golf can start with a junior set to play with. Junior sets are made for kids and come in a variety of sizes. They offer light, flexible club shafts and often come fully equipped with clubs and a small golf bag. If a junior is looking to get started in golf, I recommend reading about my recommended junior set!(various sizes)

2. Junior Golf Leagues

Many public golf courses have junior leagues that they can enroll in and play during the summer. Playing in golf leagues are great ways for juniors to:

Call around to local golf courses to see if they offer any junior programs!

Junior Golf League

This is an example of one of the junior leagues that we hold on our course. The juniors age range is between 9-17 years, and they are broken into separate leagues depending on skill level.  The kids show up each week for 5 weeks a session. Each session is ended with a fun scramble day that includes prizes and pizza. There is also some instruction before the program starts just, so every junior knows what to expect on the course. The kids have a blast, and we have been fortunate to see many of the juniors in our programs go on to play in high school and college. I started in one of these programs, and I now have a career in golf!

3. Take Golf Lessons

One of the best ways for a junior to get into golf is through taking golf lessons. Finding a good golf instructor for juniors will help them elevate their interest in the game and their skills. I can’t stress enough how important it is for people to start golf while they’re young. By starting early, bad habits in the golf swing can be prevented, and the fundamentals of the game can be learned at a faster rate!  Look into lessons at your local courses and inquire about prices and if they allow group lessons. Group lessons are sometimes better for juniors as they won’t feel as much pressure and they can participate in group exercises and drills.

Or just read the articles on this website to learn free golf tips! ????

4. Play With Friends

Another option that helps juniors get more into golf is to have them play with friends. I should clarify, this is only a good strategy when “all” of the juniors appreciate and enjoy the game of golf. This way, they can all help push each other to get better and it becomes a fun, competitive game.

(Make sure that you have a tee time before coming out to the course) 

5. Take them on the Course

For younger juniors, it’s great to introduce them to the game by taking them out on the golf course. You can show them the greens, hit a few balls or even drive the golf cart for few!  Having them see and experience the course will help peak their interest in the game. After their interest grows, they can sign up for lessons or junior leagues to help grow their skills.

6. School Tryouts and Leagues

Playing golf in either recreational school leagues or for high school are great ways for juniors to get more involved in the game. Many middle schools and elementary schools offer sponsored golf leagues at local courses where juniors can meet periodically to play and learn the game. (sometimes called club leagues)

Juniors can also try out for their high school golf team to hone their skills and play competitively.

7. Play on a Simulator

Golf simulators are becoming popular these days, helping golf reach more and more people. Juniors love simulators as they feel like a big video game! If you don’t know what a golf simulator is: It is a large screen that you hit golf balls into “simulating” a real golf course using sensors and projectors to make the experience feel real. You to choose between some of the worlds’ most famous courses or to practice your swing on a driving range.  The graphics for golf simulators seem to be getting better and better which almost makes them more convenient than playing outside. You can choose to purchase a cheap home simulator or play at local golf simulator businesses.

So gather a group of people together and rent out a simulator, eat food and learn the game without having to walk to your ball!

8. Driving Range

Bringing a junior to the driving range is an excellent way for them to learn golf basics in a fun way. After hitting multiple golf balls, juniors will begin to develop:

  • Proper Grip
  • Proper Stance
  • Proper Body Movements
  • Clubface recognition

The saying holds true, “practice makes perfect”- the more you go to the driving range, the more your confidence and ability improves!

9. Watch Golf on TV

Letting juniors watch golf on TV helps them understand the game and begin to idolize players. I remember when I was a kid, my dad would watch golf on weekends and I would watch with him. We would sit and watch Tiger Woods do “insane” things out on the course and win championships. I would tell myself that I wanted to be able to do what he does which fueled my motivation to get more into golf!

10. Use Golf Equipment at Home

Purchasing cheap, practice golf equipment for your home is an excellent way for a junior’s interest to grow. I would recommend getting:

  • A practice green – non-expensive, thin carpet the lets you practice putting inside)
  • Plastic golf balls – You can practice chipping or full shots in the backyard, improving swing technique)
  • Optional: Golf Net – A golf net in the backyard is a great way to improve ball striking and swing mechanics. You will hit real golf balls into the net from a golf mat. You will save money in the long run by not needing to go to the driving range to practice.

I have a full list of golf equipment you can use at home here!

11. Video Games

Now, I don’t condone letting kids play hours and hours of video games. However, playing the right type of video games, (in moderation), can have a positive effect on their interest in golf. Golf video games are very well made and allow juniors to:

  • Learn the rules of the game
  • Play with their favorite players
  • Learn some of the top golf brands
  • Learn the history of golf
  • Learn different strategies and techniques around the course

12. Putt-Putt

You may not realize it, but putt-putt teaches you how to:

  • Hold a club
  • Make a solid putting stroke
  • Avoid Hazards
  • Keep Score

Putt-putt courses are all over the place and often have fun layouts. (Glow golf, pirate ship, etc.) The best part is, Juniors love putt-putt and is fun for the whole family!


Be creative when trying to introduce juniors to the game of golf. All it takes is to peak their interest in the game and make them aware of the many ways they can have fun and improve. Juniors should never feel “forced” to play a sport. That’s why I created this simple list, giving young people multiple avenues they can take to get more involved in the game!

  1. Junior Golf Set
  2. Junior Leagues
  3. Golf Lessons
  4. Play With Friends
  5. Take them on the Course
  6. Tryouts at School
  7. Playing on a Simulator
  8. Driving Range
  9. Watch golf on TV
  10. Use Golf Equipment at Home
  11. Video Games
  12. Putt-Putt

Use these tips and try to start the game while you’re young!

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