15 Actionable Golf Tips For Women

Having taught hundreds of female golfers over the years, I have narrowed down 15 golf tips that have helped improve their games that I wanted to share with all of you!

Overview of 15 Actionable Golf Tips for Women:

  1. Play the right golf clubs
  2. Accelerate through the shot
  3. Join a Golf League
  4. Use lower lofted clubs around the green
  5. Play to 2 putt
  6. Know your club distances
  7. Check your feet
  8. Keep the head down
  9. Dress in comfortable golf attire
  10. Make sure the front arm stays straight
  11. Keep the weight on the front leg
  12. Find the low point of the swing
  13. Tee the ball higher with the driver
  14. Find your rhythm
  15. Choke Up on the club

15. Choke Up on the Club

Sliding the hands down on the golf club can provide you with more consistent ball contact and feel of the clubface. I would highly recommend starting choking up more when hitting longer irons, fairway woods, and the driver to start honing in the hand-eye coordination and timing of the full swing.

14. Find Your Rhythm

Having a slow and steady swing rhythm is more beneficial when trying to play consistent golf than having a fast tempo. A good drill you can use when practicing your golf swing is to count to two seconds during your backswing and then let the arms drop down at the golf ball. Too often do I see some of my beginning students take the club back too quickly causing timing inconsistencies when trying to make contact.

13. Tee the Ball Higher With the Diver

If your golf ball is not getting enough height off the tee, it can be effective to tee the ball up higher when hitting the driver. Drivers these days are made to have very large club heads to increase consistency and proper ball contact. However, because of how large the heads are, you have to compensate by teeing the ball up higher in order to properly utilize the driver’s loft.

12. Find the Low Point of Your Swing

Getting your golf shots up in the air when hitting out of the fairway or rough can be difficult. The best advice I can give you that I have seen work with my students is to take multiple practice swings hitting the ground before hitting the ball. What this does is teach your brain where the low point of your swing is and improve your coordination. Remember, you have to hit down at the golf ball in order for it to go up when hitting irons!

11. Keep the Weight On the Front Leg

Jumping off of the point I made in step 12, you have to hit down at the golf ball in order to utilize the clubs loft. (Excluding the driver) The best way to do this is to put more of your weight on your front leg, leaning over the golf ball. What this does is change the low point of your swing arc so that you are coming at a steeper angle at the golf ball, thus achieving more loft!

10. Make Sure the Front Arm Stays Straight

If you struggle hitting behind the golf ball or hitting the top of the golf ball, I can help! Make sure that you keep your front arm (left-arm for right-handed golfers) extended during the golf swing. When the front arm breaks down, golfers usually use their wrists to flip down at the golf ball making it difficult to make good contact. To prevent this, practice making swings keeping the front arm straight through both the backswing and follow through using the hips to rotate at the golf ball.

9. Dress in Comfortable Golf Attire

Dressing in comfortable golf clothes can be a game changer out on the course. Baggy or loose clothing can cause limited mobility during the golf swing which can cause major inconsistencies. Check out great golf apparel options, I have a full post here you can look at to get some ideas on what to wear!

8. Keep the Head Down

This golf tip may seem obvious but I see too many of my female students pick their heads up before making contact with the golf ball. A good drill to prevent picking up too early is to count to three seconds in your head “after” making contact with the ball. This simple drill teaches you a new swing motion and timing that will help you make better golf shots for every club in the bag!

7. Check Your Feet

Your feet alignment helps determine which direction the golf ball is going to start out. So in order to make sure you are aimed properly, lay a club down along your toes and see which way the club is pointing. It should be aimed going parallel to your target line (think railroad tracks).

6. Know Your Club Distances

When you first start playing golf and what to improve your skills at a fast rate, the best advice I have is to first learn how far you hit your 7 iron and then go from there.

  1. Go to the driving range and use the distance flags there or rangefinder to determine the average distance that you hit your 7 iron.
  2. Rule of thumb is that each club differs in distance by about 10-15 yards so moving up and down your bag will be a lot easier once you know your 7 iron distance! (Ex. If you hit your 7 iron 100 yards, your 8 iron should go around 90 yards and your 6 iron should go around 110 yards

For more info on how to learn how to measure yardages out on the golf course, I have a full article here you can take a look at or you can download my Average Club Distances for both Men and Women

5. Play to 2 Putt

To become a great putter, I am going to change your mindset! Instead of trying to make every putt on the putting green, change your mindset to trying to get as close as you can to the hole. Too often I see golfers blast short putts past the hole only to have a longer putt than the just had! Take your time and review my putting tips here, if you have the time

4. Start Using Lower Lofted Clubs Around the Green

Let’s improve your chipping! Instead of using a pitching wedge or sand wedge around the green, try using a 9 iron or 8 iron to keep the ball lower to the ground roll something onto the putting surface. Our #1 goal when chipping is to to get the golf ball onto the green and the easiest way to do that is to take small swings with lower lofted clubs and hit a low shot onto the putting surface.

3. Join a Golf League

My next tip isn’t really a golf tip but more of a suggestion to help you become more involved in the game. During the golf season, many public courses offer golf leagues where you will play once or twice a week. Playing regularly is one of the best ways to learn new skills quickly, and to become more comfortable out on the course.

2. Accelerate Through the Shot

Out of all of the tips listed above, there is nothing I see more often than women who don’t accelerate through the golf ball. (the arms stop down at the golf ball) What do I mean by acceleration? Simply put, acceleration in golf is when the body moves all the way through the golf ball so that the weight is transferred completely onto the front side. To feel what I am talking about, practice making golf swings where you point your chest at your target. I know this may feel weird at first but this is the best way to make sure you are properly transferring your weight “through” the ball to maximize the distance in your clubs!

1. Play the Right Golf Clubs

You can’t play golf the right way if you don’t have the right golf clubs. I often have female students who show up with men’s clubs or golf clubs that were made in the 80’s and are all worn out!

If you are looking for a complete, affordable golf set, I recommend that women start out with the Strata Golf Set. It comes with a nice stand bag and every club you need to start playing!


For more info and tips, check out my 100% Free Golf School here to learn all of the basics needed to start playing better golf!

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