7 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing Technique

Learning and maintaining a consistent golf swing is tough no matter who you are, but it can be achieved by gaining a good technique through golfing lessons and watching videos of people performing well on the golf course.

Your golf swing doesn’t need to remain inconsistent, as there are several methods to practice and improve both your score and technique.

Below are some sound methods that will improve your consistency in your swing and cause your scores to improve remarkably.

1) Try different swings and techniques

Instead of thinking too much and focusing on just one thing, allow yourself to experiment with different swings and techniques, allowing yourself to have bad days as it is from your failures that you will learn best how to maintain consistency in your swing.

2) Don’t be in a rush

It is easy to rush yourself in taking a golf swing, but this can lead to any number of bad results, including an inconsistent swing and a lower score.

Take time to develop your speed gradually over time and pay attention when you face a transition between your backswing and forward swing.

A faulty transition is also where you will face problems with the outcome of your game.

Don’t rush through your swing and remember unless you are a pro golfer the idea of golf is to enjoy the game, not to see how quickly you can play through.

Relax and enjoy the experience and companionship.

3) Relax your grip

Having a relaxed grip promotes club head speed and a clean strike on the ball. If you grip too tightly, you lose power in your swing and will also experience high inconsistency with your swing.

While you need to grip the club tightly enough to maintain control, your grip should remain relaxed enough so that the pressure allows a free swing.

Always keep in mind that tension in your body is an enemy of a consistent swing and allowing yourself to relax your grip while maintaining a quiet demeanor will vastly improve both your swing consistency and your scores.

4) Use quiet hands while swinging

Often amateur and pro golfers alike have problems with their hands being too active during the takeaway phase of the swing.

This robs the player of consistency in their swing by placing the club off the plane by the time the backswing is finished.

It is important to practice keeping your hands out of the takeaway while allowing your shoulders to do all of the work.

Focusing on your wrists during the early part of the backswing keeping your wrists quiet and stable, will vastly improve consistency and scoring.

5) Eliminate sliding

Sliding during your swing will definitely cause inconsistency in your swing and inferior performance.

Sliding away from the ball and allowing your body weight to move with the club is incorrect, and so is sliding during the transition by allowing your body to move toward the ball without rotation.

To avoid these two mistakes, focus on the position of your body, specifically your right knee and hips during the beginning of your swing and the transition.

The knee needs to maintain its position while the swing starts, and to eliminate the slide during a transition, turn your left hip open to the target as your downswing begins.

6) Finish your swing

Achieving balance during your swing is vital to maintaining control and increasing your swing consistency.

Golfers who exhibit a full and well-balanced finish position are seen holding their finish until the ball has landed on the target.

By practicing increasing your balance and finish, you can reach the stance you see pro golfers exhibit to gain great consistency in their swings and high scores.

Golfers who have a full and well-balanced finish position use their bodies correctly through the backswing and downswing but players who do not need to make corrections.

7) Shoot for the stars when it comes to your finish

Don’t be embarrassed to try and look like the pro golfers you see on television with their beautiful finish stances.

Experiment with your finish and try to mimic the pros and see how much it improves both your enjoyment of the game and the consistency of your swing and the increase in your scores.


A good reason your golf swing is inconsistent is that repeatedly hitting a golf ball in a completely consistent manner is impossible.

It is vital to remember that no one, not even the pros, is capable of swinging a club exactly right every time. It is impossible because humans cannot carry out such a complicated maneuver one hundred percent correct every time.

They have done PET scans of amateur and professional golfers when performing a short putt repeatedly, and no two swings were the same, meaning the brain processes each swing as a brand-new motion.

However, you do retain many of the important things you know to swing a golf club correctly, but your brain processes the motion differently every time and is not capable of mimicking a swing every time.