Beginning Golfer Crash Course

If you are a newer golfer and are wondering where to start on your golfing journey, here is the place! I will go over step by step with you so that you can have a better understanding of what you are doing when out on the golf course. And who knows, you might even start beating your friends after following some of these lessons! I forgot to mention, these lessons are 100% free so there is no need to worry about me randomly asking you for a credit card or anything like that… so enjoy and hopefully start learning! 


  1. Lesson 1 -Golf Equipment 

  2. Lesson 2- The Golf Grip

  3. Lesson 3- Golf Stance

  4. Lesson 4 – Golf Swing

  5. Lesson 5- Golf Ball Position

  6. Lesson 6 – The Driver

  7. Lesson 7 – Chipping / Pitching

  8. Lesson 8- Putting 

  9. Course 9- Course Strategy

  10. Lesson 10- Mental / Physical Game