My Recommended Cold Weather Gear

You can expect all the different types of weather when playing golf outside. But don’t let this stop you! If you live in an area where the golf seasons get cold during the beginning and end of seasons, you’re in luck…

I am from Michigan and our golf season can get pretty cold at times. I have tried and tested different sorts of golf clothing and products to find the best cold weather gear that makes playing in cold weather fun and comfortable! Below are my favorite products that you should have at your disposal for when the temperature starts to drop.

Cold Golf Apparel

Playing golf in cold weather can be tricky

You don’t want to bundle up too much to the point where you lose flexibility and range of motion. Fortunately, there are products made to ensure that you can stay warm while not limiting your golf swing.

Compression Under Shirt

You are going to want to have a compression undershirt to keep in your heat when playing.

Best Cold Weather Gear

This shirt is a game changer on the course! It is very lightweight and fits tightly around your upper-body. The material is mostly polyester and feels great. Because it is a mock, it snuggly covers the lower portion of your neck so that cold air doesn’t slip through.

This is exactly what you need in cold weather to maintain your body heat while still being able to take comfortable golf swings.

Cold Weather Golf Gloves

How hard is it to swing a club when your hands are cold? VERY

Especially when you are only wearing one glove!

Here’s what you need! Pick up a pair of these Footjoy Cold Weather Gloves. You’ll thank me later when your hands stay nice and warm! (For men and women)

Best Cold Weather Golf Equipment

If you are not convinced that your hands are going to stay warm, use Golf Mittens that just slide right over your glove. 

Best Cold Weather Golf Equipment

Use these mittens to warm your hands while you are waiting for your shots


So now that your hands and upper-body are warm, you need some outerwear to complete your winter apparel wardrobe.

In my opinion, having a rain suit to put over your pants and undershirt works just fine. I have a full article on MY FAVORITE RAIN SUIT HERE

Rain suits are:

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Allow for full range of motion

Head and Feet

You are going to want some type of headwear that covers your ears and the top of your head. There are a lot of different options for this so it’s up to you which style you want to go with.

In addition, you are going to want some compression socks to keep your feet warm (For Men and Women). These socks are an off-brand from top companies but are less – expensive and just as effective.

Cold Weather Additions

There are a few additional products that I have found to be extremely helpful in cold weather that I use every year.

Golf Cart Cover

Best Cold Weather Golf Equipment

If you are like me and hate riding around having cold wind hit your face, you’re going to want this

  • Windproof
  • Easy to Install
  • Fits most golf carts
  • Very affordable

It feels like a little-motorized house in this thing where you’ll be sippin’ your hot chocolate while your playing partners are shivering in the cold!

Golf Balls

Golf balls become denser in colder weather which causes a lack of distance in your golf shots.

To fix this, you will need to get some low compression golf balls.

Best Cold Weather Golf Equipment

(You can read my more of my favorite golf balls for beginners here!)


Cold weather doesn’t have to stop you from playing golf.  Using some of my recommended products above, you will feel warm and comfortable out on the course.

Remember that you want light, flexible apparel so that you didn’t limit your range of motion on your golf swing. Also, using the right golf ball will help keep your distance in the cold!

Now that you’re prepared, your golf season can be even longer and you can still have some fun out in the cold!