Golf Equipment to Use at Home

Why not expand your game to the comfort of your own home? Golf takes hours and hours of practice to teach your muscles how to hit consistently hit the ball. All of this time can be expensive between range balls, practice rounds, new equipment, etc…

The good news is that there is very affordable golf equipment that you can use at home to improve your game! 

Plastic Golf Balls

Who needs to go to the driving range when you can practice in your backyard?

  • They come in a 24 pack
  • They are lightweight
  • You can use full golf swings to practice your timing
  • Polyurethane material makes them very durable

I use these plastic balls with my juniors to teach them the fundamentals of a full swing

Putting Mat

If you live in an area where the weather gets cold for half of the year, you’re going to want to get a putting mat to use inside. When over 40% of your golf round is spent on the green, any practice hitting short putts is going to help your game.

I would recommend this Putt-A-Bout Putting Green from Amazon.

This putting mat is the real deal, and it is way more affordable than some of the other brands out there.


I chose this putting mat because of the cost, quality and the 3 cups:

  1. Cost: I was shocked by the value of the Putt-A-Bout. I have seen many lesser putting mats sold for more than triple the price of this one!
  2. Quality: We use this model in our pro shop for our customers to test putters and they are always impressed with the quality of the mat. It is 50/poly and 20/foam, so it helps mimic a real putting surface.
  3. 3 Cups: Too many other mats that only have one cup get annoying after a few time because it’s the same putt over and over again.  My favorite feature that the Putt-A-Bout offers is the three different cups. It is essential to learn how to control the clubface of your putter, and by aiming at one of the three cups, you are teaching your muscles how to hit the ball off the center of the putter.

Practice Net

Adding a practice net in your garage, basement or backyard can be a great way to save money while improving your golf ball contact.

I feel that if you do want to practice at home, you should use a “good quality” practice net… When I was starting to get into golf, I purchased a lesser quality net and began hitting shots into it. After a few hours, one of my shots went through the net and flew into my neighbors’ backyard! Since then, I have always tried to get higher quality practice equipment so I can practice, safely and more effectively.


  1. 10 ft wide. 7 ft. tall. 3 ft. deep
  2. Extra thick Knotless netting
  3. Every shot collects at the bottom of the net (No bounce back shots)
  4. Choose between tee turf, rough turf, and fairway turf mats.
  5. You can use a real golf tee. (One of my favorite features because I hate those plastic golf tees!)
  6. Easy to assemble and comes with a carry bag

Golf Simulator

Did you know that you can purchase “affordable” golf simulators for your home!?

While some still might cost thousands of dollars, products like the Optishot 2 are less than the cost of a new driver!

I’ll be honest with you guys here; I haven’t tried the Optishot 2 myself. I have looked at multiple reviews of the product and having used top models such as Foresight and Truegolf, and I do know what to look for when recommending simulators to customers. This is why I am so amazed that the Optishot 2 has many of the same features as those top simulator companies but is WAY more affordable! If you want to know all of the specs and features of this simulator, check out the Amazon website here or read this great review I found online on the Optishot!

This is probably the BEST way to practice during the off-season or as an alternative to the driving range. 

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