10 Best Face Balanced Putters For 2023 – PGA Tested

Unlock your full potential on the greens with the best face balanced putter in 2023, an essential tool for golfers seeking improved accuracy and consistency.  Choosing the best putters or even picking the right type of putter can be overwhelming.  It is SOOO important to get this at least partially right because the putter is the most used club during any round for any player. Fear not, for we’ve done the heavy lifting and curated a comprehensive guide to the best face balanced putters of 2023. Get ready to elevate your golf game as we dive into the top 10 face balanced putters for the majority of golfers, tested and recommended by PGA professionals.

Sneak Peek into the Best Face Balanced Putters of 2023

Choosing the right putter in 2023 is fun because there are so many different putters which have great features and benefits suitable for different golfers’ preferences. Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 Putter is perfect for those who love modern designs while TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter provides excellent stability. Odyssey White Hot OG has a classic feel. Pinemeadow Golf PGX offers budget-friendly options and Cleveland Golf Frontline Elite Elevado allows customizability. 

For innovative design, COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35 won’t disappoint you. If precision matters to you, check out Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport Putter as well as S7K Standing Puttermaker sure alignment accuracy. Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham is also good value for money but Lab Golf Mezz 1 is also one of the best face-balanced putters that best suits most players. Mezz.1 Max scores highest among them all!

Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 Putter: Best for Modern Design

Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 Putter

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 Putter features a face-balanced profile, making it an outstanding choice for golfers seeking modern design, a premium look, and superior performance on the greens.  We consider this among the best mallet style putters in the premium market.  Crafted with milled stainless steel and equipped with added sole plate to add contemporary touches, this putter is a true testament of Mr. Cameron’s legendary craftsmanship and easily considered a top pick on our list.  No wonder Cameron putters are one of the top choices for professional golfers.

This striking product offers enhanced accuracy as well as greater sensitivity in putting – though at a cost higher than most other models – but might not be quite as forgiving like some larger versions within the same range from Scottie Cameron’s collection.

Its sleek look that blends traditional styling with cutting edge engineering provides quality construction along with top notch functionality which meets your standards when looking for putters off the shelf or online stores these days. 

TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter: Best for Stability

TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter

The TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter offers excellent stability and precision. Its heavy side steel weight allows for better control over distance, while its mallet design is highly popular among players of different levels. With a high MOI to reduce twisting on off-center hits (a very important factor when trying to choose), this putter has superb forgiveness abilities compared to others in the market.

For those seeking increased performance during their rounds, you can consider looking into The Spider Tour Putter from Taylor Made. It gives good consistency as well as accuracy off the putter face when it comes down to hitting longer putts, making your life easier! 

You’ll find that lighter style clubs provide a more precise feel, but they don’t always help with longer putts. 

Taylor Made’s latest spider tour displays nothing short of extraordinary quality standards and considered a true value and another top choice.

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter: Best for Classic Feel

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter

The Odyssey White Hot OG Putter is a mallet-style odyssey putter with timeless design and superior performance, especially for a high handicap golfer. Its two-ball alignment aid, double bend shaft and pistol size DRX grip help golfers improve their putting stroke in no time, no matter the skill level as this putter has been seen on tour for decades. 

The toe hang of the clubhead aids accuracy while the classic White Hot insert ensures consistent roll off the face of the putter as well as distance control for better playability.

This attractive piece boasts a square face which helps straight back or through strokes without any unnecessary facial rotation at impact. It offers adequate forgiveness along with an aesthetically pleasing look adding up to its overall personality that will last a very long time, year after year, making it a value for money choice amongst many other readily available models present on market today!

Overall features such as: two-part urethane insert providing pleasant sound & feel, consistency between putts all day long. Whether you are looking forward to starting off your journey into the world of professional grade clubs, rest assured that this specific model won’t let you down regardless of the price paid here.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter: Best Budget Pick

Pinemeadow PGX Putter

For those looking for a cost-effective, tour-weighted mallet putter, the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter is an ideal choice. Boasting a face balanced design with three lines for improved ball alignment to ensure players get the perfect pure roll off the sweet spot on any green surface, this bargain priced putter should not be overlooked by budget shoppers or beginner golfers.

The club head of this face balanced weapon won’t give you quite as soft feeling at impact compared to other models, but it will still deliver great performance no matter how low your handicap might be. A very attractive price point puts this putter on the list.

Value seekers should look no further than the Pinemeadow Golf PXG Putter if you are seeking out dependability combined with unbeatable affordability in your game. A great choice for the price conscious market.

Cleveland Golf Frontline Elite Elevado Putter: Best for Customization

Cleveland Golf Frontline Elite Elevado Putter

The Cleveland Golf Frontline Elite Elevado Putter is a great putter for golfers searching for customization and versatility. Constructed with a distinctive wing-shaped design, soft tungsten blend, and Speed Optimized Face Technology, this putter provides reliable performance on the greens. Its setup allows stability at impact, reducing unwanted club face movement as well as aiding in alignment.

While some may opt to go with more traditional models of putters instead. Features found within the Cleveland Golf Frontline model make it worth considering, even if it has a slightly higher price than other options out there. It certainly does provide great value for the money when combining performance advantages alongside its customization potential.

In conclusion, the Cleveland Golf Frontline Elite Elevado Putter stands tall among those seeking innovation through customizing their equipment.

COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35: Best for Innovative Design

COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35

Golfers who seek to set themselves apart from the competition can do just that with the COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35 putter. This revolutionary face balanced putter is equipped with a host of innovative features such as adjustable weighting for excellent feel, SIK Face Insert for clean roll and enhanced feel, all thanks to its cutting edge 3D printed technology.

Players may require some time adapting to this large head-balanced design, but will surely benefit in performance – perfect control due to it’s outstanding construction! You should also be aware of any distractions while playing caused by this design yet no one would argue about enjoying improved results on course after using this must have piece of equipment.

For golf fanatics looking forward to trying out new advancements in technology along with personalized performances, there are few options better than investing in the King Cobra. Offering excellent value for money and sure to help players with a straight back, straight through stroke type.

Anyone craving an unbeatable combination between style and comfort might find more evidence supporting them purchasing a special edition face balanced putter bringing together exceptional engineering and high quality craftsmanship.

Scotty Cameron Super Select Golo 6 Putter: Best for Precision

Scotty Cameron Super Select Golo 6 Putter

The Scotty Cameron Super Select Golo 6 Putter is a precise and accurate selection for golfers looking to gain superior control over faster greens. This putter comes with impressive design features such as precision-milled face, well-balanced form, and high MOI (Moment of Inertia). Crafted from some of the finest quality materials available, it offers exemplary craftsmanship that could be expected from legendary brand Scotty Cameron’s putters.

Despite all these advantages, this pricey option might not offer the higher end looks of other putters in the Cameron line. Yet its advanced construction has ensured users get both top level performance along with ultimate accuracy in their putting game making an investment worth considering especially for those who prioritize preciseness above all else.

Due to its exceptional build quality, excellent balance & weight distribution guarantees crisp impact across various levels providing utmost dependability out on course – although at $399 price tag there are many cheaper options if you don’t mind giving up optimum detailed refining provided by Scottie Cameron!

So overall despite potential drawbacks regarding value for money factor when pitted against relatively more affordable alternatives – following factors still remain intact: 

  • unparalleled feel, 

  • flawless consistent feedback, 

  • maneuverability enhancing capabilities resulting enhanced confidence

  • a beautiful and premium look on any putting green

S7K Standing Putter: Best for Alignment

S7K Standing Putter

Yep, it stands up by itself! The S7K Standing Putter offers golfers a unique take on most face balanced putters, with its standing feature. This allows players to check their alignment from behind the ball before executing strokes and ensures an accurate, consistent result each time. The ultra-light shaft and grip also increase precision for better performance overall.

Golfers looking to perfect their putting techniques may find this product invaluable as it helps them master proper form quickly without sacrificing accuracy or consistency on the green. Even though adapting to such changes might be difficult at first, due to limited customization options available as well, you can still rely on steady improvement in putting strokes by making use of this tool effectively over time, never having to worry about being aligned perfectly to your target.

In terms of value for money. Considering all factors – design features plus improved control thanks to light weight grips, players should see worthwhile returns here given that mastering body positioning is instrumental in successful putting.

This putter is very different and takes getting used to.  Make sure to speed up your pre-shot routine as this can slow you down if you’re not careful.

Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Putter: Best Value for Money

Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Putter

For those on a budget looking for an exceptional and reliable golf putter, the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Putter is worth considering. These face-balanced blade putters feature: double-milled faces which provide enhanced forgiveness while still having a soft feel, alignment aid to enhance accuracy when putting, glare resistant finish aiding visibility of greens in all conditions as well as remarkable value for money. 

Despite not being quite as forgiving like other face balanced mallet putters or face balanced models available on the market, this blade style model remains an excellent choice among golfers seeking quality without breaking the bank.

Price: $100.

Pros: High quality and affordable option, double milled faces resulting in great finesse along with superb forgiveness, alignment guide making it easier to align correctly & glare free coating makes sure that the sun does not affect vision during the round.

Cons : Not as forgiving as other models.  Limited customization options here but unfortunately, they must be overlooked due to its low price.

Lab Golf Mezz.1 Max: Best Overall

Lab Golf Mexx.1 Max Putter

The Lab Golf Mezz.1 Max is an outstanding face balanced putter, combining a high MOI design and unique weighting specific to your lie angle for maximum performance with its many offerings of color choices makes it rank high on our list. It stands out amongst the rest of the market thanks to features such as a face-balanced design AT PLAYING POSITION (very unique), high end construction, grooved face technology and customizable options which make it one of the top performing putters around right now.

Despite costing more than some other available models on this list, along with limited availability in certain areas, we still love it. This ultimately amount to what makes this putter so desirable amongst golfers looking for that perfect blend of accuracy and looks from their putter selection, especially when considering how well known it is becoming (thank you Adam Scott and Lucas Glover!) The Lab Golf brand is on fire among professional circles!

Other important characteristics include great forgiveness during play because of it’s higher moment inertia (MOI). The company boasts “NO TORQUE”, aka twisting at impact due to the unique balancing system during manufacturing.  Lab Golf highly suggests custom orders versus off the shelf purchases which will boast a wait time of 4-6 weeks.  Worth it for the product you get.

We have rate it five out of five stars for both Design & Performance categories.  The only draw back we see are the limited head designs (which are non-traditional for many players) and the premium price.  If you get over those two items, this is a MUST HAVE for any level player as the performance is unmatched.  Lower scores await with this beautiful stick!

Choosing Your Perfect Face Balanced Putter

When searching for the ideal face balanced putter, it is important to consider length, head design, weight and grip (thicker grip or thinner grip as well as type) as they all affect your putting performance. A visit to a professional fitter can determine what size of putter head that suits you best whether you’re in the high handicappers class or a seasoned player. 

Mallet or blade putters are some choices in head designs available as face balance with each having its own advantages. The weight of the club also matters – choose one that offers more customization depending on whether you want something heavier or lighter during play. 

Grip selection should be looked into which improves grip pressure while playing (a very important aspect to a putting stroke!) 

Ultimately, personal preference plays an integral part here and often depends on putting stroke style.  Look, feel and performance are the biggest factors in gaining confidence to make more putts.  It’s up to you!


Finally, if you are looking to upgrade your golf game with a face balanced putter this year, our best putter guide has the details of some of the top-rated options. 

Whether you’re on a budget or seeking precision and reliability from your putting performance, there is an ideal choice for every golfer’s needs amongst these best face balanced putters in 2023. 

So equip yourself now with all that we have learned about selecting well-balanced putters to ensure success out on the course!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a face balanced putter?

A putter which is face balanced ensures that when it’s placed flat on the ground, the face of the putter will stay relatively square to the target during the stroke. Such balance is key to successful use of putters for golfers as they must have trust in their equipment while putting.

What are the key factors to consider when selecting a face balanced putter?

When it comes to selecting a face balanced putter, several aspects must be taken into account – length, head design, weight and personal preference.  A heavier option may suit those with greater strength while lighter models might best accommodate weaker players all with the intention of keeping the putter on line during the stroke. Preferences should also play an important role in picking out a perfect putter. With these factors properly addressed, you will see success in making more putts!

What is the advantage of using a face balanced putter?

A putter designed with a face balanced design increases Moment of Inertia (reduction of face twisting) and boosts performance as the heel and toe work in tandem for accurate putting. This type of golf club ensures improved consistency on the green compared to other regular models such as most blade style putters.

How do I determine the appropriate putter length for my height?

To get the most suitable length for your putter, it is recommended to visit a golf professional (at a golf store most likely) and have a fitting by an expert. This can ensure that you choose the right size club according to your height.

What is the difference between a mallet and a blade putter?

Mallet putters are known for providing more tolerance to mishit shots due to their larger head shape and balancing, while blade-style ones give players a higher degree of control due to the diminished size of their clubhead and toe hang.