“Must Have” Golf Accessories

I created the following information primarily as a STARTER KIT, for golfers just starting out or for those who want to get the best-golfing experience.

The products that I talk about are critical to the game and SHOULD be added to your golf bag.

I have added links to Amazon that will allow you to get the best deals that I have found for the given products.

So, without further ado, I give you my list of the BEST GOLF ACCESSORIES you should add to your golf bag.

Golf Tees

These tees are large enough to where you can adjust to the height you find comfortable with your driver. They are made of wood but are surprisingly durable. I feel like it is unnecessary to pay for more expensive tees as they don’t offer much difference and are just as quickly lost.

I like to buy them in bulk so that I feel more prepared for the course. (You don’t want to be that guy asking for a golf tee…)

Golf Towel

Alright, so I’m super pumped that they have these towels on Amazon.

I use the Frogger Wet & Dry Towel, and it is great!

Frogger Golf Towel

Here’s how it works:

  • There is an “inside” towel and an “outside” towel
  • When it’s warm out, you want to wet the inside towel so you can rub down your dirty clubfaces and golfballs and then dry them on the outside
  • When it’s wet out, use the interior towel to wipe your hands and golf grips

It’s essential to have a golf towel so your clubs and golf balls can stay clean. Having clean golf equipment helps with consistency and maintains its quality.

Golf Ball Marker / Divot Tool

You need to have a divot repair tool and a ball marker when you’re out on the course.

Club Brush / Groove Cleaner

You are going to want to have a club brush that clips on your bag. Just like I mentioned earlier, keeping the grooves of your clubs clean of dirt will: