Top 5 Best Golf Putting Training Aid to Improve Putting 2024

To reach your maximum potential in golf and sink more putts, investing in the best golf putting training aid for 2024 can make a huge difference. With appropriate guidance from reliable aids, you will gain the confidence to be a great putter during your next round.  Putting is fickle as any experienced player will tell you.  It takes one simple thought or feeling during your stroke that can improve speed control, swing path or accuracy.  All of which can potentially get the ball in the hole that much faster, reducing your scores.

Any golfer can tell you that putting can be extremely frustrating or completely deflating.  Players that invest time, effort and money in their golf swings often fall short on the green which has a net result of no improved scores. Personally, I’d take a 1 putt on every hole over having the best golf swing ever seen.  We use our putter between 30% – 50% of our golf shots that count.  Yet many golfers put little to no effort into improving this part of their game because it may not be as fun to watch as say a 300 yard drive with a little draw.  If you look at these facts on paper, a golfer should spend about 50% of their practice time on putting (and some would say chipping / pitching / bunker play) yet it is rarely done by the average player.  Tour players know this already and focus much time and attention to this part of the game.  We should all follow suit if we truly want to improve quickly and without the need to hit buckets of balls at a range or in a golf simulator.

With that being said, there are a lot of different types of aids on the market today to help you make more short putts, long putts, improve putter face alignment and even improve the face angle at impact.  Overall your stroke mechanics will improve with a little work with the best training aids for your individual game, even if you consider yourself a beginner (you will improve the quickest!), an average golfer or a low handicapper.

Key Takeaways

  • Top 5 golf putting training aids for 2024 to help improve alignment, distance control and accuracy.

  • Consider personal goals, skill level and budget when selecting a putting aid.

  • Establish regular practice routine with drills & track progress to use golf putting training aids effectively (perfect practice is better than a lot of practice).

Top 5 Golf Putting Training Aids

Putting Training Aid

Golfers are aware of the key role a sound putt can play in any round. Training aids can bring about significant growth in putting fundamentals and upgrade your general golf game all around. For the best way to gain more control of your performance on the greens and become a better putter, here is our list of top five golf training aids for 2024: 

  1. Wellputt Mat – targeting line-up accuracy & distance management. 

  2. PuttOUT Pressure Putter Trainer – honing precision as well as consistency while putting. 

  3. Eyeline Putting Mirror – focusing on alignment visualization plus stroke pattern setup. 

  4. MS 3D Putting Arc – forming muscle memory with consistent mechanics when putting from long range.

  5. PuttOut Pro Keeping an eye out Gates– perfecting intended path while focusing on something other than technique.

These various tools give benefits to every golfer’s stroke including distance control, face control and tempo control.  Think of these as the BIG 3 ways to improve. The best golf training aid for you (no single aid is right for everyone), can produce great results not only for your score but also for your mind.

Wellputt Mat

Wellputt Putting Mat

The Wellputt Mat is a good choice for golfers aiming to level-up their putting ability.  We see it as one of the best putting aids on the market. It offers alignment aids, features tailored towards improving your stroke and an excellent surface that was specifically designed with the purpose of giving instant feedback and improving posture, distance control and consistency on the green. With three weighted balls simulating varying degrees of break included, this product will not take up much space in any golfer’s practice area!

Practicing regularly with a quality putting mat such as this one produces some definite advantages. These include strengthening muscular memory while simultaneously constructing self-discipline which leads to increased confidence on top of bettering scores by sinking more putts per round.

Overall, the Wellputt Mat provides essential requirements when it comes to aiding any golfer who wants peak performance – all in a compact footprint that’s easily put away when needed.

PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

The PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer is a golf putting aid which allows for improved accuracy and confidence on the greens. Its distinct design provides instantaneous feedback so that corrections can be made right away, making it easier to develop consistency in your stroke. 

It also comes with a mini hole feature allowing you to alter the level of difficulty during practice sessions while aligning together with one of the company’s mats, forms a comprehensive system helping achieve better precision when putting. 

And not least, this pressure putter will help bring about greater control over both direction and distance.

Eyeline Putting Mirror

Eyeline Putting Mirror

The Eyeline Putting Mirror is an incredibly useful tool for improving putting skills, allowing golfers to get visual feedback on alignment during practice.  We see various versions of this being used on the PGA Tour every single week.  Tour Pros tend to really focus on where their eyes are located over the ball and this is by far the best tool for that. 

Its convenient design makes it possible to take it with you when practicing at a course or in the comfort of your own home. It can be used alongside other training aids such as PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer and Pro Putting Gates which are designed to help improve posture, stroke precision and boost confidence levels while playing real rounds on the course. With its versatility coupled with additional tools available today, this putting aid enables those seeking to perfect their game to do so more effectively than ever before!

MS 3D Putting Arc

MS 3D Putting Arc

The MS 3D Putting Arc is a perfect training assistance for golfers having difficulty with their putting stroke. This unique tool helps in establishing the precise arc that produces accurate contact between club and ball, as well as an exact square face at impact. A great way to get immediate feedback on your stroke. 

This tool addresses one of the most common misconceptions in putting:  THAT THE STROKE HAS TO GO IN A STRAIGHT LINE IN THE BACKSTROKE AND THE FOLLOW THROUGH.  This is proven to not be true week in and week out on the professional tours. 

While yes it is one technique to take the putter straight back and straight through, the other option is to have the putter follow a slight arc that moves around the body.  IT IS A VERY SLIGHT ARC but nonetheless very important to a solid stroke.  This training aid will give you the exact feel of how much arc is appropriate especially because the amount of arc changes with the length of the stroke (more arc for longer strokes).

This handy aid actually has a three-dimensional arc which allows players to validate position and orientation making it ideal for both novice & experienced golfers alike.

Regular practice with this device can lead to solid improvement in your game improving areas such as: effective muscle memory of appropriate putt arcs, great reliability over consistent results during rounds, stable build quality guaranteeing durability under many uses plus easy transportation make the MS 3D Putting Arc a hugely advantageous aid for any passionate golfer looking for increased control of a golf ball on the green.

PuttOut Pro Putting Gates

PuttOut Pro Putting Gates

The PuttOut Pro Putting Gates are a highly recommended training aid for golfers looking to improve their accuracy when putting on the intended line, particularly with breaking putts. Adjustable gates can be set up both at home and any practice green so that players may hone their precision in distance control, an essential skill every golfer needs.

This particular tool allows you to make sure you have grasped what is meant by ‘intended line’, leading you to feel more confident whenever out practicing or playing competitively. Thus ultimately decreasing scores on the course when you use it as part of regular drills off the course. The PuttOut Pro Putting Gates offers great value for its ability to cater to all levels of experience while helping refine both golf ball starting line and putter head movements, crucial for successful putts in real course situations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Putting Training Aid

It is important to consider your personal goals, skill set and budget when selecting the best training aid for you. By doing so, you can choose an accessory that fits with your specific requirements and talents in order to attain optimal results in terms of improving your game on the greens.

Personal Goals

Identifying the putting areas where you need enhancement is essential when selecting a training aid. Your individual objectives and problem areas should be determined to make sure that you purchase an appropriate tool which will assist in reaching your desired results.

Whether it’s working on:

  • aligning correctly,

  • regulating distance,

  • accuracy or even consistency, defining these goals guarantees that the investment made into these devices would directly contribute to improving your putting performance.

All things considered, if you want to be a better putter, then determining personal objectives as well as focus points are fundamental prior to buying any practice aids. This helps ensure development with every use!

Skill Level

Based on your skill level, you can determine which putting training aid is most suitable for you. Golfers of all levels can benefit from using any one of the best golf training aids on the market listed above. Newcomers to golf might take advantage of fundamental lessons (from a PGA Professional) and advice while more experienced players may require advanced equipment in order to refine their technique.

By evaluating your competence carefully, it ensures that the chosen training aid caters specifically to what fits with your requirements and capability, making sure each practice session maximizes your development.


When selecting a training aid, it is important to set an appropriate budget for yourself. With options ranging in price point, having the right financial framework can help find something that provides quality value and results towards achieving your golf ambitions. Investing in this kind of equipment should be seen as an investment into improving your game, meaning you have to choose wisely!  The nice part is that if you compare the price of these training aids to others on the market that focus on full swing, these are by far a more economical option to lowering your scores.

How to Use Golf Putting Training Aids Effectively

For the best results when using training aids, it is key to keep to a practice regimen while monitoring your progress.  It is best to document it in writing (use a very basic notebook). Maintaining an established routine and keeping track of improvements are essential in staying motivated, adjusting accordingly for development of putting techniques, and ultimately achieving success.

Establish a Practice Routine

Developing a regular practice regimen is critical to getting the most out of your training aids for golfers of all skill levels. Devoting time each week honing your skill in this area will allow you to improve and build muscle memory for successful putts that actually go in! Trying various drills can not only improve the technique but also provide more self-assurance (aka confidence) on the greens when playing golf. 

Examples include: The Clock Game Putting Drill, One-Handed (Block Practice) Putting Drill, Phil’s Circle Drill, Alignment Rod Putting Exercise and Lag Putting Drills, all essential additions to any comprehensive practice plan. By including these drills as part of routine practices, your trust in your skills can skyrocket while advancing your performance through improved quality putting strokes.

Track Your Progress

In order to maintain motivation and stay on track, it is important to monitor progress over time. Recording scores, sessions practiced and evaluating advancement will assist in identifying areas for improvement as well as readjusting practice routines when needed.

Keeping a record of your accomplishments can help continue focus towards goals while improving your putting abilities continually.

Tips from the Pros: How PGA Tour Golfers Use Putting Training Aids

Professional golfers know the benefit of utilizing putting training aids to elevate their consistency on the greens. To achieve maximum results, they use a variety of these items such as mirrors for alignment feedback and mats/string or chalk help gain muscle memory and accuracy in stroke form. Mirrors are very popular among pros since it allows them an opportunity to assess body posture along with putter head position all at once while simultaneously gaining self-confidence during rounds.

Combining different training tools like PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer plus PuttOut Pro Putting Gates can Improve a skill set regarding precision when playing out on course. Thereby allowing professional golfers (such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and more), greater success compared to others who may not employ similar tactics into practice regime, building that edge so vital when competing professionally against peers.  At this level, every putt costs or gains thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars!  Think about that for a second. Standing over a putt that is worth seven figures to you if you make it.  Your best chances of making it come from great practice and technique so it can be relied upon as needed under pressure.

Putting Mats alongside string or chalk lines on real greens also serve as some of the best putting training aids and most useful for players at the highest levels.  If you don’t have the budget to invest in a training aid listed here, grab a piece of string or a chalk line.  Both of these items can be obtains at your local hardware store.  Go on to the practice putting green and find a very straight putt (THIS IS IMPORTANT THAT IT BE STRAIGHT.)  Just line up the string or chalk line straight to the hole.  Use the alignment guide on your putter (whatever that may be) with the chalk line or close to the string (because the ball can’t actually roll on the string itself).  Keep the center of the putter moving along the line as long as you can both back and forth toward the hole.  

​It will be eye opening where your flaws in your stroke lie.  Personally, the longer my backstroke gets, the more tendency I have to move the putter outside or away from the line which causes a putt to miss to the left.  Once you see where your putter starts to go crooked, you can make proper adjustments in your grip, stance or stroke itself in order to straighten it out.  VIOLA!  A cheap and effective training aid.  The drawback being it is much more difficult to practice at home.  You can find a way to use this on carpet or hard flooring but it’s not as good as the real thing on a practice green.  Either way, it’s better than guessing at your stroke as our eyes and our feel often deceive us in golf. THE FEELS ARE NOT REALS as they say!


For the aspiring golfer, investing in golf putting training aids can be a great decision that will pay off. By selecting one best suited to individual skill level and budget considerations, it’s possible to improve your game considerably while building confidence on the greens. Practicing regularly with these tools as well as tracking progress should help you get maximum value out of them for 2024 and moving forward – just like pros do!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the pros use to practice putting?

Professional golfers and their coaches typically use a string or mirror as an aid to hone their putting accuracy.  You also see them putting between 2 golf tees (like kicking a field goal through uprights in football) to make sure they start putts on the intended line.

Is laser putt worth it?

Laser putt has become popular amongst professional tour players due to its capacity for quickly giving feedback on putting alignment and technique, which makes it a worth-while investment.  This would replace a chalk line or string.

Does the StraightAway swing aid work?

Users of varying expertise have given the StraightAway aid highly positive remarks, suggesting that just a few minutes can lead to improved accuracy and steadiness in ball striking.

What is the best golf putting training aid for beginners?

The Wellputt Mat, a golf putting training aid that is perfect for novices, can help improve alignment and accuracy when it comes to stroke techniques. This apparatus provides a realistic practice experience with additional functions such as alignment guides which will optimize accuracy control.

How can I track my progress when using a putting training aid?

Monitoring your performance when using a putting aid is essential. Logging practice sessions, evaluating results and noting scores all help to recognize where improvement could be made so that adjustments can be applied accordingly in order to reach desired outcomes.