My Recommended Rain Suit

Don’t think you need a Rain suit? Think again.

Bad weather can occur out of nowhere when on the course and you’re going to want to be prepared. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out on the course and it’s started raining like crazy, but not enough to cancel the round. Let me tell you, playing golf with wet clothes is NOT FUN.

Why I Chose Under Armour Storm Rain Suit

Alright, grab some popcorn for story time…

I was playing golf for my college at the time and we were on a roundtrip playing a course in South Carolina. I had an Adidas rain suit that I had been using for a few years and hadn’t had any problems with it… Yet. On the second day of the trip, it started pouring in the middle of the round. My rain suit did nothing! I was soaked and the weight of my clothes started to affect my swing. I ended up shooting very poorly and long story short, the coach was not happy!

The next day called for rain again and we were told that play would continue. I knew I couldn’t wear the same rain suit again because of how wet I had gotten. Scrambling, I randomly purchased a rain suit in the pro shop that looked nice and that seemed durable. That rain suit was the Under Armour Storm Rain Suit and I went on to shoot a 71 and place 3rd in the tournament. The best part was, I was dry as a bone! This suit was a game changer and I consider myself lucky for finding it.

Rain Suit Features

The Under Armour Storm Suit is both windproof and waterproof. It has a nice mesh lining on the inside and is relatively lightweight.  The best part is, you won’t sacrifice and range of motion when swinging your club.

The pants just slide right over your pants and fit comfortably around your waste. Sometimes when I play in the mornings, I’ll just wear the rain pants so I don’t get dirt on myself. You can also use this rain suit in colder weather! If you want more options you can use when it’s cold outside, read more here!

Cheaper Options

Some of you might be looking for cheaper options. For rain suits, I do recommend paying a little bit more for quality because you don’t want to waste your money on a rain suit that isn’t going to keep you dry.

We sell these suits at our pro shop and are quite reliable. My only negatives about this suit are that the material doesn’t feel as nice as the Under Armour Storm and they do run a little baggy.


You can always elect to purchase an umbrella instead of a rain suit. I’d choose this umbrella here to cover yourself and your clubs when the rain starts picking up. Golf umbrellas are a bit larger than normal umbrellas and can fit nicely in your golf ball so you always have it with you.

Rain Gloves

A “Must have” if you are playing in the rain. Grab these guys here so you can keep your grip and still play golf in wet conditions!

What to do When it Starts Raining

Now, you don’t “have” to play golf in the rain if you are a recreational golfer. You can decide to call it quits and receive a rain check from the pro shop. A raincheck is a pro-rated voucher that the course will give you so that you can come back and finish your round. However, if there is lightning, you will hear a siren telling you to head back to the pro shop until the weather passes. If you are playing in a tournament or outing, you may have to finish your round if there is no lightning. Either the outing coordinator or the head golf professional will determine if the course is playable.

This is where having a rain suit comes in handy because you never know when the weather might flip and you will have to finish your round. I’ll be honest with you guys though, I like playing in the rain! When I have my Rain Suit and my umbrella, I stay very dry and can still enjoy my round.

Learning to play golf in the rain is a different story. You can read my article here about how to improve your game in bad weather.