Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection Model # 1 Putter: Searching for Putter Review

I have been on the search for a new putter to use for this season, and I happened to stumble across the Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter Collection. After testing various models for over 45 minutes, I found a putter that I wanted to share with everyone because I think many golfers might skip over this option.

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection Model # 1 Putter is a great option for golfers looking for a high-quality blade style putter at an affordable cost. 

I am going to go more in-depth down below for those who want to know more about my experience with the putter.

How I Reviewed Various Models

First off, I wanted to say that I have not tried the Huntington Beach putters out before today. So, before I landed on the model 1, I took extra time trying out each model to get a feel for the different options. There are nine different Cleveland Huntington Beach models that all have different styles and designs to the head shape and weight.

Huntington beach collection 1

My Process

  • I took 10, 3-foot putts with each putter
  • I then took 10, 7-foot putts with each putter
  • I took 10, 15-foot putts with each putter
  • I chose different putting locations for each putt, as not to learn the break and become biased toward a putter

I Chose the Huntington Beach Collection Model 1 Putter

Huntington beach collection 1
Huntington Beach Putter #1 at address

The model #1 Huntington Beach putter was the first putter I tried (go figure) and the model I performed best with. I used the 34″ length putter as it allowed me to feel the putting stroke better. Plus, I had already been accustomed to that particular size after years of trying different lengths. Just for a reference, I am about 5 ft. 10″ so you can use me as a reference if you may want to try the 33″ or 35″ putter sizes.

I immediately loved the look at address and also the weight of the head. Having tried and used other top-notch blade putters, I felt immediately comfortable with both the look and feel.

Here are my favorite things that I took note of while putting:

  • I could feel the ball off the face of the putter. I have used other similar designed putters where the contact feels rather clunky and is hard to feel the contact. Not this putter!
  • As I mentioned above, the weight of this putter was great, at least for my putting style. In my experience, using a heavier putter is effective for short putts but a lot harder to a judge the distance of long putts. I made the most amount of putts from a distance with this putter, which had a lot to do with the mass of the putter head.

Putter Specs

  • Precision milled face for a more consistent roll on putts
  • 304 Stainless steel for a softer feel
  • 345g Headweight
  • Comes in 33″, 34″, 35″ lengths
  • Stock Cleveland Golf grip (very similar to the rubber feel of a Scotty Cameron Putter)

What is the Cost?

This Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection Model # 1 putter is currently being sold around $99.

The Huntington Beach Putters all feel like they could be worth $300 but are only a third of the price. They offer the same groove face technology and have similar head weights to the more expensive putters. My thinking is that many golfers don’t initially jump towards Cleveland Putters so this putter is to attract more golfers to their brand because it really is a great putter.

It’s all about the cost in the end, isn’t it? There is something strange in the golfing world where the more you pay on a putter, the more putts you think you will make.  I have fallen victim to this belief as well having bought and used multiple Scotty Cameron and Ping putters costing over $350!

Needless to say, having shopped around and tried many different putters, the only thing that really matters is how consistent can you be with your putts. Which was why I am definitely interested in this Cleveland Putter!

Who is the Huntington Beach Model # 1 Putter For and my Final Thoughts

Huntington beach collection 1
Different Putter Lengths

This putter is for any golfer who likes the blade putter style and is looking for an affordable putter with a high-quality feel. At first glance, this putter will feel very similar to a Scotty Cameron blade style butter because of the large, weighted head. Not all golfers like this but many (including myself) love the look and feel of a blade putter at address.

In summary, I think I have found a possible option for myself going forward for my own putting game. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, and this putter seems to give me the look and feel that I want at only a fraction of the price. I will definitely keep it in mind as I go forward in my search!

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