Compression Rate of Srixon Z-Star XV 6

The Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball, now in its 6th generation, is one of golf’s most popular golf balls for big hitters.

The compression rate of the sixth generation Srixon Z-Star XV is 102. The compression rate of the Z-Star Golf Ball is 90

New Features

Who Should Play Srixon Z-Star? 

Because of the higher compression rate of Srixon Z-Star golf balls, players with faster clubhead speeds should use these golf balls. Faster clubhead speeds meaning 95mph or faster

  • If you have the time, watch this cool video from the Stacked Golf Youtube channel. They compare the Titleist Pro V and the new Srixon golf ball from various golf shots around the course and share the results

Where to Purchase?

You can purchase Srixon golf balls at your local golf stores or sporting goods stores.

I Use Srixon Balls

I personally use Srixon golf balls. They are amazing off the tee and also give me a good feel around the green.

I made the switch from using Titleist Pro V1 t Srixon Z-Star XV and I haven’t gone back! I’m excited to try the new generation of Z-Star and see its results on the course


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