Best Driver Loft A Beginning Golfer Should Use

If you are newer to the game of golf, you might be wondering what loft you should be using with the driver?

Most beginning golfers should start with higher driver lofts anywhere from 12-16 degrees of loft. A higher driver launch helps beginning golfers achieve a higher ball flight which aids in total driving distance. 

I have outlined a few examples on how to find what driver loft you should be playing down below

Beginning Golfers

When first starting to play golf, most beginning golfers will struggle with making consistent contact with the golf ball in the center of the clubface.

Inconsistency in the golf swing will generally lead to:

  • Lower ball speed
  • Varying ball height

So to improve the ball speed and maximize the distance of your drives when first starting to play, I recommend using higher lofted drives to get the golf ball into the air faster and get you more distance.

Here is a quick guideline you can use to determine which lofted driver you should start with when first using a driver:

  • Men with a fast golf swing  – 10-12 degrees of loft
  • Men with a slow golf swing  – 12-13 degrees of loft
  • Women with fast golf swing  12 -13 degrees of loft
  • Women with a slower golf swing  – 15-16 degrees loft

Beginning Golf Sets

Without spending over $500 on a new driver, I think it is best for golfers to start with a beginning set so that they can gain consistency and confidence in their golf swing

The types of drivers that come in beginning sets have a forgiving clubhead, high loft angle and lightweight golf shafts to help improve consistency and distance.

Here are a few examples of beginning golf clubs that come with higher lofted drivers that I have seen work well with beginners

Moving On to the Next Level

After you learn the basics and start to get better contact with your drives, it might be time to move on to the next level. Adding Distance!

The key to longer drives is to maximize the launch angle of your driver while at the same time, limiting the amount of spin that is added to the golf ball after contact.

Here is an awesome video from the Tour Experience Golf Team on how they fit golfers into different driver lofts

There is a fine line when trying to determine a balance between both the launch angle and spin rate that takes time experimenting with different driver styles and shafts.

The best way to find your perfect loft is to schedule a golf fitting

  • To find a golf fitting, simply type into google “golf club fittings near me” and you’ll get a decent list of places you can contact to find your perfect loft


Thanks for reading! If you have the time, comment down below on what driver loft you are using and if you like your ball flight

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