Course 6- The Driver

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Your driver is the longest club in your bag and has the lowest degree of loft. This means that it will travel the furthest out of all of your clubs!

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Club Flex

The flex of your driver club shaft matters when trying to make consistent contact with the golf ball. A flex that is too flexible will cause your to close the clubface too quickly while a golf shaft that is too stiff will cause the club face to be open at impact.

Check out the driver shaft table below to see which if you are playing the right flex for your swing!

Swing SpeedDriver Distance (yards)Drive Flex You Need
50-75 mphUnder 175Senior Flex or Ladies Flex
75-90 mph175-225Regular Flex (R)
90-105 mph225-250Stiff Flex (S)
105+ mph250 +Extra Stiff Flex (X)

*If you are a woman who drives further than 200 yards, read my article here

Driver Swing

The driver swing requires a slightly different golf swing than the rest of your golf clubs. Why? Because the driver swing requires you to come “up” at the golf ball rather than down to maximize distance. This is mostly due to the fact that we tee the driver up in the air because of the large club heads that most drivers have.

To generate distance and improve ball contact:

  1. Play the driver off of your front foot
  2. Extend your arms during the takeaway to at more swing length
  3. Develop a good rhythm with your swing using the hips, not the wrists!
  4. Follow through facing your target with all of your weight on your front side

Use this link here to learn more about how to add distance to your drives!

Cure the Slice

The slice is one of the most common swing faults that I see in beginning golfers. For those of you who don’t know what a slice is: A slice is a golf shot caused by an open clubface and an out to in swing path. cure slice here

going across the golf ball
A swing that goes across the target line from the outside will move towards the right in the air. (right-handed golfers)

Cure the Hook

The hook is a low shot that is caused by a closed clubface and a swing path the comes too much from the inside of the target line. more info to cure the hook in my article here

inside swing
A swing that comes from inside of the target line will cause the golf ball to go to the left (right handed golfers)

Steps to cure the hook:

Hit More Fairways

Now that we understand how to make solid contact and to avoid putting too much spin on the golf ball, use these tips to hit more fairways off the tee!

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