7 Ways to Get Better at Golf -Faster!

Golf is a tricky game and many of us feel like we don’t have the time and patience to learn all of the moving parts of the golf swing. But if we want to learn, is there a way we can accelerate the learning process?

How can you get better at golf faster? To get better at golf faster,  a golfer needs to:

  1. Get Fitted for Clubs and Golf Balls
  2. Take golf lessons
  3. Watch golf YouTube videos
  4. Watch golf on TV
  5. Join a golf league
  6. Keep track of their score
  7. Play from the right tee box

Following these tips, golfers can learn the game at a faster rate compared to trying to teach themselves. Below I go into more detail about how you can improve your golf skills without wasting too much time and energy!

1. Get Fitted for Clubs and Golf Balls

One of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your golf game is to use the right golf equipment. With new technology in club designs and golf ball designs, it has become a lot easier to find golf clubs and balls where you can see improved results. Here is a quick guide towards what equipment you may want to look into:

Beginning and older golfers- Older golfers and beginning golfers usually have slower clubhead speeds. Luckily for you, new golf technology has developed clubs and balls that can help achieve more distance to make up for the lack of swing power.

Getting Fitted

If you are not a beginning or older golfer, you have a wide variety of golf equipment you can look into. Because of all the options, I know it can get confusing on which equipment to play. My advice is that you should talk to a golf professional and get fitted for clubs and balls that are best for your game. get better at golf fast

Every golfer has a different swing, and each swing can create different amounts of ball spin that can change the outcome of your shot. But by electing to get fitted for golf clubs and balls, a professional will go through a wide range of products to find the very best equipment for your game!

Where do you go to get Fitted? 

One of the best ways to get fitted for your golf clubs is to go to your local golf course and ask to talk with the course professional. Most pros have the skills to be able to fit golfers and help them find the right clubs and balls for their game. Another way to get fitted for golf equipment is to go to a local golf store and inquire about what clubs may be best for your game. A lot of stores like Dicks Sporting Goods, golf simulator facilities and Golf Galaxy’s have the right tools to give golfers the best club fitting for their game.

2. Take Golf Lessons

This may seem about obvious, but I am always surprised by people who say that they unhappy with their golf game but have never taken a golf lesson. Golf lessons cost anywhere between $30-$75 on average and last about 45 minutes. In those 45 minutes, most golfers leave with the tools and exercises needed to reach the next level of their game.  get better at golf fast

Think of it like going to the doctor. If you are not feeling well and don’t think you can get better on your own, what do you do? You call a professional to see what they can do to fix you. Same goes for golf lessons. If you are frustrated and aren’t making any improvements, see a golf instructor and have them show you the exact steps you need to improve your game.

3. Watch YouTube Videos

If lessons aren’t in your budget, why not learn from golf pros in the comfort of your own home? I guarantee that there are at least 50 golf YouTube videos that can answer any questions that you might have to improve your game. You can spend hours researching and learning the game without paying a dime!

4. Watch Golf on TV

Another fun way to improve your golf game fast is to watch golf on TV. Watching the world’s very best play golf will help you learn different types of golf shots to play in different scenarios. You’d be surprised how much I picked up from watching Tiger Woods punch out through the trees all those times to save par!

5. Join a Golf League

get better at golf fast

Joining a golf league will give you a set time each week where you will play golf with others. This set time can help you develop a routine and quickly learn more about your golf game. Practice makes perfect, and by having a specific time each week to play, you will become a lot more invested in improving your skills.

6. Keep Track of Your Score

Save your scorecards after every round! Now I know this may sound scary at first. But after several rounds, you can look back at those scorecards and see where you are making improvements and where you are struggling. For example, let’s say you look at a few scorecards and notice a lot of high scores on par 3’s. Seeing this can prompt you to focus more on your long iron shots or chipping around the green that can reduce strokes the next time you play!

7. Play from the Right Tee box

This tip may hurt your pride but let me give you a metaphor to help further my point: When you start lifting weights, do you begin lifting hefty weight? For most people, this strategy would be very ineffective and cause little improvement to strength. The same goes when playing the wrong tee box.

I know it may sound fun to play from the furthest tee box to get the most out of your round. Trust me though; it will get frustrating after a little bit if you are not conditioned to play from that far. Many golf courses have three or four different tee boxes that you can choose to play from depending on how far you hit the ball. When first starting, try playing the shorter tee boxes so you can hone in your skills before playing the course from a longer distance. There is no shame in playing a little closer than your friends, especially when you are first learning. The last thing you want is to make yourself too frustrated to play again!

Related Questions

What golf balls are best for beginning golfers? –  Lower compression golf balls are best for beginning golfers to add more distance when making good contact with the ball.

How do you improve your golf mental game? – To improve the mental golf game, golfers have to spend more time thinking about each shot before hitting. Being patient is the key to finding a nice rhythm that will translate into better golf rounds.

What are cheap and easy ways to learn the golf swing? – Watching videos and reading golf books are the best ways to learn the mechanics of the golf swing without the help of a teaching professional.


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