Golf Balls for Beginners that You Need to Put in Your Bag

Depending on how fast your clubhead speed is, the right golf ball can add distance and consistency in your golf game!

Here are my 3 choices for beginners when looking to buy a golf ball that you should put in your bag:

  1. Titleist Velocity: This ball can be used by both men and women. It has a great feel and works well for golfers that have slower to medium club head speeds. (60-85 mph swings)
  2. Srixon Softfeel Lady: I recommend this ball  for women because it has a low compression rate and helps maximize distance for those with slower swing speeds (50-75 mph)
  3. Srixon Q-Star: The Q star is a great golf ball for the price. It is made for beginning to intermediate golfers looking for spin control off the tee and a soft feel around the greens.  This ball is for golfers with swing speeds around (75-90 mph)

For more info on other types of golf balls that I recommend, check out my full article here!

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