Do You Use the Right Golf Balls? – Beginners Guide 2018

Let’s be honest; with some many different golf ball brands out there and each brand having multiple golf ball options that you can pick from, it is quite difficult to decide on which golf ball you should be playing right? Especially when you have a slower swing speed Do you want extreme distance, long distance, distance and accuracy, more feel, less spin, more spin??? These are what all of the golf ball companies are advertising, and it is tough for the public to understand which ball to play.


As a manager of a pro shop and golf professional, deciding on a ball DOES, make a difference in your game, but not to the extent that most companies advertise. For example, hitting a Titleist Pro V1x with a 70mph swing speed is not going to give you the tour distance that the golf ball promotes.

Finding the right golf ball for your swing will help reduce new SPIN added to the golf ball and give you a better FEEL around the course.

The lower the amount of spin on the golf ball, the better, and finding a golf ball that works with your game will help you on the course giving you the potential for straighter and longer shots. 

You can choose to be fitted for a golf ball at local golf courses or golf stores where they take into account your clubhead speed, the angle of attack, smash factor and other components to help find a ball that works best for you!

But…. you probably want a more straightforward approach

I have narrowed down and generalized some of MY favorite golf balls for my students with slower swing speeds that you can purchase and try now to improve your game!

Titleist Velocity

Best Golfballs for Beginners

I Love this golf ball. I’ll be honest, I am around a three handicap at the time of me writing this, and I still find myself playing the velocity at times. It’s soft, and the feel is excellent! This ball goes too. It’s only a two-piece ball, and I have found the distance from my student’s averaging an increase of about 5-10 yrs off the tee using this golf ball.

Made for all types of players, the velocity is claimed by Titleist to be a mid-grade ball in their golf ball line. However, I feel like it is towards the top in performance, feel and spin reduction for both beginners and amateurs. It is great off the tee and has a decent feel around the greens as well, allowing for some shots to check and release depending on the speed of the green. I would recommend this ball to anyone with a club head speed from 60-90 mph.

Try this ball, and you won’t be disappointed, I promise you! You can get it here on Amazon 

Wilson Duo

Best Golfballs for Beginners

Now you might be asking, these options are cool Justin but my clubhead speed isn’t fast, and I need a ball that will give me distance without increasing my clubhead speed.

BOOM. Here ya go! The Wilson Duo is the softest golf ball in the world with only a 29 compression and is designed to eliminate that added spin off the tee.  I’ll be honest, it is different to hit because the ball feels so light, but still, it generates excellent results.

Here’s a bonus if you aren’t sold already… If you live in an area where the climate gets under 50 degrees at times, BUY THIS GOLF BALL…..  Guess what happens when the weather gets cold? Your golf ball gets even more compressed, and you lose distance. (Learn about the different types of golf ball compression here!)

Not with the duo! Because of how low the compression is, the ball still flies out there, and people will be so confused as to why your ball doesn’t feel like hitting a rock out in the cold. (This ball won me the Ironman tournament which is held in Michigan in late November!)

Srixon Soft Feel Lady

Best Golfballs for Beginners

I haven’t forgotten about you ladies…


The Srixon Soft Feel Lady is my most recommended ball to female students. I have been with enough students to see the improvements to ball flight and distance using this ball. They never want to use a different ball! It is a two piece ball but compresses like a one piece. Meaning, you can still get great distance with the ball if you have a faster clubhead speed, but you won’t sacrifice any feel.

Now don’t worry, you don’t need fast clubhead speed to play with the Soft Feel Lady, the ball will still fly fine because of its low compression and integrated core technology.

This ball is excellent for beginners or intermediate female golfers and comes in either white or pink colors.

Srixon Q-Star Tour

Best Golfballs for Beginners

Last, but not least is the Srixon Q-Star Tour. This ball is GREAT around greens, especially with the short game. Many of my beginning students love playing this ball and swear by its soft feel (Not to be confused with the Srixon Soft Feel Ball)

However, where this ball shines is in its ability to reduce a substantial amount of spin from your drives. I have seen some of my students drop from 4,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) to 3000 rpm. This limits the amount your drive curves to the left or right by at least 15 yards.!!!  Crazy!

This ball is recommended to anyone with a swing speed from 70-95 as it does have a compression of 75 so it still will compress with faster clubhead speeds.

Bonus (Golf Balls for Faster Clubhead Speeds)

Most of this post has contained information on golf balls for beginning golfers with slower swing speeds. Now, I want to recommend a few more golf ball options for some of you out there who have a faster clubhead speed. 

These options are for golfers with swing speeds 95 mph or faster

Bridgestone Tour B Series

The Tour B series is the newer version of golf balls from Bridgestone. There are a few different options you can choose from:

  • B X
  • BXS
  • B RX
  • B RXS

Now don’t be confused with all of the different options. After trying each golf ball, I have found the only difference between the X and the RX is that the RX had a slightly higher ball flight. All of these golf balls are designed to limit the amount of spin on your golf ball.

I was very impressed with the feel of these golf balls around the greens and the control I gained when hitting my approach shots.

Srixon Z Star

Another Srixon ball?

Yes! This golf ball is the top ball that Srixon has to offer. At a considerably lower price than other top balls, the Z star brings a great combination of distance and feel to your game.

This golf ball is my new favorite to play in tournaments because of the distance and control off the tee along with its very affordable price!

Titleist Pro V1

Think I could make a post about golf balls and not mention the Titleist Pro V? Think again!

This is the number one golf ball for a reason! It combines distance, lower ball spin, feel and accuracy all into one golf ball. There is a reason you pay top dollar for these balls but I promise you, you will not be disappointed!


I could have gone on forever, but in my opinion, these options will help narrow your search into what I have observed and played with over the years for players with slower swing speeds.

Mess around with some of the options listed as they have proven to me that they stand out in the cluster of others and can help improve your game and help you enjoy playing golf even more!

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