Course 1- Golf Equipment

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Before we jump into all of the technical elements that make up the golf swing, we have to have golf equipment first right?

Golf Equipment You Need

  • Golf Balls
  • Golf Clubs

I know there are more products and equipment that are used out on the course but for right now, make sure that you have these three things.

Golf Balls

You can’t play golf without a golf ball. Golf balls come in various brands and rates of compression. Why does that matter? The faster your golf swing, the higher the compression should be of your golf ball. The slower your golf swing, the lower the compression. Finding the right golf ball for your swing can drastically reduce the amount of spin you put on the golf ball and increase distance and accuracy.

To start Today: If you are looking to get started playing right way, check out these very affordable beginning golf balls from Amazon:

Note: If you are a woman who swings faster than 75 mph, it is fine to look into getting the men’s golf balls listed as they will still benifit your ball flight.

If you have no idea how fast you swing the club, use the following driver yardages as guidelines

If you hit your driver:

  • Under 200 yards- Slow Swing Speed
  • 200-250 yards- Medium Swing Speed
  • 250 + yards- Fast Swing Speed

Full Article– For more information on golf balls and finding the right choice, click here to read the full article.

Golf Clubs

Next comes the matter of finding the right golf clubs.

To Start Today: If you are a beginning golfer or looking for a great, affordable starter set, check out the options below to start playing! These sets come with everything you need to hit the course! (bag, driver, irons, putter and more)

Full Article-  If you have a full set or looking to build your own, read my article here on what golf clubs you need in your bag


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