3 Golf Gadgets That Make Golf More Fun

Golf is a hard game and we need all the help we can get. Below I have listed 3 simple golf gadgets that you should look into using that can really help add more enjoyment to the game

Golf Ball Alignment Holder

Now, this golf accessory isn’t necessarily “fun”. However, the result after using a golf ball alignment holder equals more putts made. So that is fun, right!

What is it? 

This tool holds your golf ball so you can make lines and markings on your golf ball so you can better line up your putt.

I know this seems simple, however, you would be surprised how a straight line on the golf ball helps your eyes set better over the golf ball and improve your putting confidence!


I know, I know, you probably don’t want to spend a million dollars on a rangefinder. But, what if I told you that they are more affordable than you think?

Rangefinder Benefits

  • Know the exact distance to the flag
  • No need to walk off your yardage
  • Easy to carry around
  • You’re own personal caddy!

Here is a quick video from Mark Crossfield explaining more about the benefits of using a rangefinder

Putter Ball Pick- Up

If you play a lot of golf or have a bad back, bending down to pick up your ball can put a strain on your muscles.

How to fix this?

golf ball picker

Just add this little device to the end of your putter and you’ll never have to bend over again. Just push down on your golf ball and lift!

The cool thing with this putter ball pick- up is that it is discreet and not as clunky as other suction options.


Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below about some of your favorite golf gadgets that make golf more fun for you!

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