Course 2 – The Golf Grip

Now that we have the right golf equipment to get started, its time to learn how to properly hold the golf club.

There are three different golf grips you can choose from:

Baseball Grip (10 Finger Grip)

baseball grip
Thumbs are pointing down the golf grip

Interlocking Grip

Interlocking grip
The forefinger of your top hand interlocks between the pinky and ring finger of your lower hand

Overlapping Grip

overlapping grip
Pinky of bottom hand rests over the top of your other hand


To choose one of the grips listed above, use the following as a guide to get started:

  • Beginners/Women: Start with the baseball grip as it helps you learn how to release the clubface at impact causing straighter shots
  • Intermediate/Advanced Players: Use the interlocking grip because it helps with swing connectivity and swing path control.
  • Players with Large Hands: Use the overlapping grip to have better control on the golf grip


Once you have selected a golf grip we must set our hands in the proper position.

Follow these steps to create the fundamental golf grip:

  1. Take your nondominant hand and place it at the top of the club with your thumb pointing down. The club should be right in the middle in the crease of your hand (Slightly above your thumb pads).
  2. Next, place your dominant hand so that is covering the top thumb and use one of the grip methods listed above. The thumb of this hand should also be facing down the club.
  3. To make sure you are in the correct position, the creases made by your forefinger and thumb should be pointed towards your back shoulder. In this position, the wrists will feel more “locked” into place.
grip position
Both creases made by the hands are pointing towards the back shoulder
  • The grip pressure should be moderate as there is no need to tightly squeeze the golf club.
  • Take a few practice swings and feel how your new grip changes the golf swing!
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