5 Reasons to Take Golf Lessons – Learn from the Pros

You’ve probably heard stories of people paying $100 plus for a golf lesson and how it was a waste of time and money. THIS IS NOT THE NORM!

Golf lessons teach you how to:

  • Stay motivated
  • Play and learn the game
  • Invest in yourself
  • Fix faults in your swing
  • Have fun on the course

Being around golf for as long as I have, I can honestly tell you that the “fastest” way to improve your game, is to take golf lessons. Even the best golfers in the world have private instructors that help them with their game!

Below are my 5 reasons why all golfers NEED to take golf lessons and how to get the best results for your golf game!

If you are just getting started, check out some of my equipment recommendations so you can gear up for the course!


How many of you have ever been to the gym? Most people right?  Now how many of you built up a routine and started seeing results? Not as many of us. Why? Because we lack motivation at times when our lives get busy and don’t go to the gym as much as we need to. So what do we do?  We seek out personal trainers to help PUSH us to the levels we need and our motivation increases!

Golf lessons are very similar to seeking a personal trainer. However, most people don’t treat them the same way. Many beginning golfers expect to be magically cured in one 45 minute lesson, and that is almost never the case. Golf lessons needed to be drawn out and worked on just like exercising. You don’t expect to lose 20 pounds after going to the gym once right? Same goes for golf. You need a structured plan before you start to see results in your swing and golf game.

Still with me?

As a Golf Professional, our jobs are to keep our students motivated and improving each lesson that we teach. Now I know not all teachers are the same but the PGA teaches all of us professionals the same outline of how to teach our students so you will learn and improve with each lesson you take. We design new skills and drills that need to be taught in a systematic approach that gives our students a base in which to improve from. We keep our students engaged on specific goals to help them see results, increasing their drive even more!

It only takes one big step for you to start taking lessons and your teacher will help keep you motivated and focused on improving your game!


Alright so now that you’re motivated, why else would you seek golf lessons? So you can learn more about golf! Don’t you want that knowledge so that you will know how to handle different situations on the course? I’m guessing yes!

Learning why certain shots go one way over the other is a huge benefit to have when you are out on the course. Knowing the “why” is going to improve your game at a much faster rate. If you know “why” something happens then you can either avoid it the next time, make adjustments or improve upon that particular skill.

In addition to their knowledge about the golf swing, a golf professional is educated on which golf balls and equipment you need to best help your game! Playing with the wrong equipment can cause a lack of consistency with your golf shots and created much-unneeded frustration.

Knowledge is power, and by learning from the experts, you will become much more consistent and confident in your own game.

3. Cost

These days, you can find lessons at your local golf courses that charge anywhere between $20-$45 for a 45-minute experience. Still too much money? Well, let’s think about it another way.

Say you are an avid golfer and you love golf. Your goal is to break 90 this year, and you are getting close. Let’s say you play around 4-5 times a week just dreaming of that day you break 90, but something always happens that keeps you from crossing that line. After a few weeks of this, you start to get frustrated, and your love for the game turns into frustration.

This is a typical cycle that many golfers find themselves in:

  • You get motivated
  • Go out on the course
  • Get frustrated
  • Quit
  • Repeat

At some point, you have to realize that the money you’re paying to play these rounds is not being adequately invested if you are getting upset by the rounds you play.

So what’s the solution?

Invest in yourself!

Use some of the money you will be using to play golf and put that towards a PGA Professional to teach you the exact tools you need to break 90! Many of these professionals have packages where you can take 5-20 lessons for a discounted rate rather than single lessons which will save you money as well!

Just think, taking ten lessons for $300 instead of playing golf 5-8 times. That’s not too bad, right? Wouldn’t you want to take the skills you learn from your lessons out on the course and impress your friends?

It might save you a few putter throws if you start thinking about investing in yourself to learn and grow rather than spending your money on a game you can’t figure out on your own.


Here’s another example of why even good golfers need lessons

Let’s say you shoot a score of low 80’s to high 70’s and you have been self-taught your whole life. You keep trying out for your college team, but you can’t seem to cut each year.

What do you do?

No matter the skill level, seek out a lesson from a Golf Professional. They have seen 1,000’s of golf swings and can sometimes fix your swing instantly! I have had several players come to me saying ” Justin, I keep going to the left off my drive and I can’t figure it out.” I take one look at their swing and…Boom! Their left shoulder was too low at impact; now they are hitting em’ right down the middle

Problem solved!

If you are struggling with one specific thing and can’t figure it out through practice, it’s best you seek some professional golf help. That one fault in your swing may grow into multiple problems if you never learn how to correct it.

Adding a second pair of eyes is sometimes all it takes to get you back to feeling confident with your swing.

5. FUN

Golf is supposed to FUN! We choose to play this crazy game because we get to be outside, getting some exercise in the sun. Improving your golf game is a FUN process, and it get’s even better as you start seeing results on the course. Think about how fun it would be to:

  • Break 80 for the first time
  • Get your first birdie
  • Beat your friends through 18 holes
  • Win closest to the pin in an outing

Improving yourself and embracing help will only make golf more enjoyable for you. Golf can be played for many, many years, so it’s best to start improving now!

Changing your mindset to FUN will improve both the expectations of your lessons and your results on the course. It’s a game after all and learning the rules of the game, and some tricks and tips from professionals will only make your golf experiences better.

Trust me! I’ve seen hundreds of my student’s faces light up after they hit their first green in regulation or when they hit their first 250-yard drive. That look is the look of FUN!

This game can be learned and mastered only when you can accept and seek help in an open, positive way

How Much do they Cost?

Golf lessons usually cost around 45-60 dollars an hour. Most golf professionals have package deals that you can purchase to get a better rate. For example, I charge 45 dollars for 45 minutes, or I have a package deal that gives 3, 45-minute lessons for $99! I feel that one lesson often isn’t enough to learn the necessary skills needed to change your golf game. That’s why I have a  3,5 and 7 lesson pack so I can accurately assess my student’s game and give them the best lesson experience possible!

If you are curious about how much golf will cost you factoring in green’s fees and equipment, read my article here on the real cost of golf!

Convinced Yet?

I hope by now you have taken away at least a few of the reasons why you need to start taking golf lessons. Deep down, we all chose this game to play because we want to push ourselves to improve and to have fun

Golf lessons are for everyone of all skill levels. You will learn both the knowledge of the game and how to improve your golf swing.  It just takes effort, and having a mentor/ teacher helping you along the way is only going to develop your skills and reach your golfing goals. You can search the PGA for golf professionals or call your local golf courses and find out what their rates are and what their teaching styles are.

To get started, read my beginners guide here!

I wish all of you the best of luck in your game, and I hope you seek out a golf instructor to help guide you toward your golfing goals.

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