Course 3 – Golf Stance

One of the more overlooked parts of the golf swing, the golf stance sets up the entire golf swing so we must make sure that we are doing it properly!

Flat Back

To get into the correct golf stance, we have to make sure that we get into a flat back posture. To do this:

  1. Stand up straight and slightly bow forward
  2. Your knees will be slightly bent and pretend that you are about to sit in an imaginary chair behind you
  3. Stick your butt out to avoid hunched posture!
Proper golf stance
Flat back position with the knees slightly bent


I often get asked by many of my students, where should the arms be in the golf stance?

While in the flat back position, hang the arms down in front of your body. Now grip the golf club! Easy Peasy!

The arms will feel slightly extended when setting up to the golf ball.

Test: Pretend there is a laser shooting off the top of your golf club. That laser should be aimed right at your belt buckle. This will ensure that your arms in the position to make a proper golf swing!

Feet / Shoulders

The feet and shoulder need to be aimed parallel to your target line.

What is the target line? The target line is the line going from your golf ball towards your chosen target.

So to get your feet and shoulders to go parallel to the target line, use the railroad track drill!

Railroad Track Drill: 

When practicing your golf swing, get into your golf stance and lay a club down along your feet.

The club on the ground should be going parallel to the target line resembling railroad tracks!

This is the line that both your feet and shoulder line need to be aiming at.

golf alignment
The shoulder line is going down the same line as your feet

If your feet or shoulders are not going parallel to the target line, there is a higher percent chance that your swing path will come too much from the outside or inside when making contact with the golf ball.

These types of swings are what cause you to slice or hook the golf ball! (more on this later)

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