Seriously, What Does a Heavier Golf Shaft Do?

There are hundreds of different golf shaft options that you can use on your golf clubs. But does the weight of the shaft really make a difference?

A heavier golf shaft is believed to both lower the launch angle and spin rate of a golf shot. Heavier golf shafts generally have less torque and resist the amount of twisting that takes place during a golf swing

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Heavier Golf Shaft Features

Not to be confused with shaft flex, a heavier golf shaft can make changes to the ball flight of a golfer’s swing

Benefits of a heavier golf shaft

  • Weighted feel for better control
  • Lower torque to keep the clubface stable
  • Lower launch angle for golfers who hit the ball too high
  • Can cause less spin which can be helpful in woods and long irons

Negatives of using a heavier golf shaft

  • Decreased swing speed for most golfers
  • Harder time for golfers to release the clubface
  • Lower spin might cause a harder time having shots land on the green

My Opinion 

I’m going to get straight to the point: Golfers who strike the ball well and who have faster swing speeds might want to consider using a heavier golf shaft.

A heavier golf shaft will give a more experienced golfer the weight they want to better “feel” their golf swing and to better square up the clubface to hit consistent golf shots.

I still feel that beginning golfers should stick with lighter golf shafts when first starting because the extra 5-10 mph on your swing speed is going to greatly increase distance. And distance is important when first starting to play

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below on your thoughts of heavier golf shafts and what golf shafts you are currently using

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