How Long Does One Golf Lesson Take? -Real Answer

You might be interested in taking some golf lessons but hesitant because you don’t know much about them. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Haven given hundreds of golf lessons, I can tell you how long a golf lesson usually takes.


One golf lesson takes an average of 45 minutes to complete including instruction and warm-ups. Many golf professionals, also have 30 minute and hour-long lesson options available. 

Types of Golf Lessons

Now that you know how long one lesson takes, you might be wondering what types of golf lessons are best for you. I have put together a few of the most common types of golf lessons that you can use as a guide when deciding;

Group Lessons- Group lessons are as you would think “golf lessons with others”. Group lessons are great for those who are brand new to the game who might be intimidated by some of the elements in golf.

Individual Lessons- Individual or one-on-one lessons are the best for golfers looking to improve their skills at a faster rate. The instructor can create custom drills and programs for their student so that the learning process is accelerated.

On – Course Lessons- On- course golf lessons are lessons that are completed on the golf course. On-course lessons are best for those looking for on the fly teaching and golf course strategy lessons.

Simulator/Hitting Bay Lessons – Lessons done in a simulator or hitting bay are great for those looking to get fitted for new golf clubs or for those who like learning by looking at numbers. Most of the simulator and hitting bays have launch monitors that give the swing metrics of each swing (ball flight, swing path, clubface angle, etc. )

What You’ll Learn From Golf Lessons

If you are curious about if golf lessons are right for you, watch this quick video from Mark Crossfield on why and when to take golf lessons

When going through your golf lessons, you will learn some if not all of the following elements of golf:

  • Rules of the game
  • Full swing help to increase consistency
  • Cure your slice or hook
  • How to chip and hit pitch shots 
  • Course Strategies
  • Club fittings to find the best clubs for your game
  • Increase distance
  • Learn the basics of the game

How To Set Up A Golf Lesson

To set up a golf lesson, all you have to do is contact one of your local golf courses and ask if they offer golf lessons. Simply just type in Google, “golf lessons near me” Doing this will get you in contact with the course professional who will likely try and schedule you for a time to get out for a lesson. Or you can see if you can book through their course website.

You can also contact indoor golf facilities like Golftec or Golf Galaxy to ask about taking a lesson and their pricing (more on this below)

How Much Do Golf Lessons Cost

Golf lessons on average cost around $50 for 45 minutes. Depending on what service you are looking for, they can cost much more or less.

If you are looking to save money, many golf professionals offer package deals or lessons in bulk which brings the average cost of a lesson lower than what it would normally be.

For example, I offer a 45-minute golf lesson for $60 dollars. However, if the individual wanted to do a series of 5 lessons, it would only cost them $250 or $50 per lesson. 

Is One Golf Lesson Enough to Improve?

Depending on what you want to improve and your current skill level, one golf lesson might not be enough to see real results out on the golf course.

If you are having a really hard time hitting your golf ball straight, one lesson might be enough to help you fix your swing to get you back on track. But it really depends on a lot of factors (how good the instructor is, where your lesson is being taken, how long have you had these swing issues)

For swing changes and overall game improvement, I definitely would recommend taking at least 5 golf lessons to see real results in your game. I have a full article on how many lessons it normally takes beginning golfers to see results if you would like to view it using this link here. 

Similar Questions

How Often Should You Take Golf Lessons- A new golfer should take golf lessons at least once a week while playing or practicing at least two times a week to practice what they learned in their golf lesson.

How Expensive Does a Golf Lesson Get? – Golf lessons can get up to several thousand dollars to access the world’s top instructors. Golf  Professionals at wealthy Country Clubs charge around $120-200 per hour.

Should You Tip Your Golf Instructor? – While it is always nice to tip anyone that does a service for you, it is not necessary to tip your golf instructor. As a golf professional, I create my own rates factoring in what my time is worth so there is no tip necessary after the fee. However, students often build a bond with their instructor as they learn and feel the need to reciprocate by giving gifts back. I have personally received golf shirts, chocolates, and gift cards just for the personal relationships I have built with some of my students.