What is a Lob Wedge Used For In Golf?

Maybe you read somewhere that you should at a lob wedge to your golf bag but have no clue what they are even talking about?

A lob wedge is a golf wedge that has a loft between 58-64 degrees. The purpose of the lob wedge is to get the golf ball high into the air as fast as possible and land with little roll. 

Down below I have outlined more important facts about the lob wedge that I think will really help your game!

How to Hit a Lob Wedge

Here is a quick video form Chris Ryan where he talks about how to hit a high lob shot onto the green. I really like this video because he explains the importance of opening up the clubface to add more loft to your golf shots


My Quick Tips to Focus On Using a Lob Wedge

  1. Keep your weight on your front leg to keep your weight over the golf ball and avoid hitting behind the ball
  2. If your golf ball is just off the green (on the fringe), I don’t recommend using a lob wedge if you are a beginner. I say this because the leading edge of a lob wedge may cause thin or chunked shots until you practice the proper technique
  3. Accelerate through the ball! I can’t stress this enough. Don’t let your arms stop down at the ball. Keep the arms moving after your swing so that the acceleration through the ball can pick the golf ball up into the air
  4. Evaluate your desired landing area before hitting your lob shot. After checking it out, you might decide that a bump and run or regular chip shot might be the better choice to get your golf ball onto the green safely.

Where Do You Get a Lob Wedge?

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You can purchase a lob wedge at your local sporting goods store or golf course (if the sell clubs). Here are a few tips to consider before purchasing:

  1. Make sure your lob wedge is the same design as your other wedges to maintain a similar weight and feel throughout your bag
  2. Find out what degree wedges work best for your game by going to the driving range and hitting different lofted wedges and comparing them to your current set. For example: Do you need 50,54,56 degree wedges or do you need 52,56,60 degree wedges? 


Thanks for reading! If you have the time, leave a comment down below and say what lob wedge you are using in your bag!

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