What the Heck Are Offset Golf Clubs And Do They Help?

You may have heard people talking about offset golf clubs and wondered what they were talking about.

Offset golf clubs are when the leading edge of the golf club is behind the line of your club shaft when the club is at an address position. Clubs designed with offset clubheads help move a golfer’s center of gravity while swinging, to a position that is more over the golf ball. It is believed that clubs with more offset will better help beginning golfers make proper contact with the golf ball

Quick Video

To demonstrate what the heck “offset” means, watch this extremely short, 2- minute video if you have the time from the Golflink youtube channel. They very accurately describe what offset means and how it can help your golf game.

What Clubs Are Offset?

A majority of beginning golf sets and player improvement golf clubs come with more offset than traditional irons sets. Most irons, hybrids, fairway woods and putters in these beginning sets will be offset. 

The thought is that because many beginning golfers struggle with getting the golf ball up into the air, clubs can be made with more”offset”  to help change the golfers swing to a position where better contact with the ball can be made.

I personally love the idea of offset irons. From my own experience teaching beginning golfers, the concept of keeping the hands ahead of the golf ball can sometimes be confusing. So why not just use clubs that automatically put your hands into the correct positions?

Golf technology is pretty cool…


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