Best Golf Gifts! 27 Perfect Gift Ideas for Golfers in 2021

Is it someone’s birthday? Father’s Day? Mother’s Day? Christmas?

Golf has a wide variety of products that you can surprise that special someone, helping them become a better golfer!

There is a wide variety of golf products out on the market and it can be confusing as a buyer to know which products can actually help and which don’t live up to their promises.

Below are my recommendations for perfect gift ideas you can give to beginning golfers!

Many of the links mentioned below are to products that I, myself personally use or that I advise other golfers to have when out on the golf course!

1) Alignment Sticks

Having alignment sticks is very important when first learning to play the game.

You can put them in a variety of different positions to help change your swing path and increase your consistency!

I use alignment sticks with all of my beginning students to help learn the proper golf stance.

2) Beginner Golf Set

To play golf, we need golf clubs! I have a full article you can read here where I talk about my favorite beginning golf sets for both men and women.

They are affordable and best of all, give beginning golfers all of the essentials they need to start playing right away!

We use these beginning sets for our beginning students when we offer lessons and clinics on the course, so I know they work!

3) Junior Golf Sets

Have a youngster who is just starting to play the game? Check out my favorite junior clubs here for both boys and girls of all ages.

At the course I manage, we use these junior sets for beginning golfers, and we have not been disappointed.

It’s best to start playing young, and with these golf clubs, juniors can start their long journey playing golf!

4) Rangefinder

One of the most effective ways to improve your golf game is to know how far you can hit each golf club.

And probably the easiest way to locate and track distances is to add a rangefinder to your bag.

I love my rangefinder as it has brought me much improvement within my distance control! They are simple to use, point and shoot.

You can look up the distances to hazards, pin placements, and other obstacles to hone in your accuracy!

5) Golf Balls

Every golfer needs more golf balls. It’s unfortunate but everyone loses a ball every now and again.

For my recommended golf balls for beginners, read about which golf ball option would be best used as a gift!

Best Golf Balls For Beginners

6) Rain Suit

Every golfer needs a rain suit. Why? Because we cannot control the weather!

Rain suits keep you nice and dry out on the course so you can keep playing the game you love without being weighed down by wet clothes.

7) Speaker for Golf Cart

Portable speakers are great for golf outings or leisurely golf rounds with friends.

For example – Extreme18 Beacon II Bluetooth Speaker combines excellent sound with extreme accessibility as it can attach right to your golf bag!

It has Bluetooth capability so sync up and groove out to your favorite songs out on the golf course!

8) Cooler

Whether you are enjoying a few cold ones, or storing food for your round, having a reliable cooler out on the golf course can be awesome!

I recommend the portable Yeti cooler just because it is so much better than every other cooler! I once had a few bottles of water in my cooler for over 12 hours.

I unzipped my bag later only to find that they were still cold!

Golf can take up to 5 hours to play and I know you don’t want your cold drinks to get warm when out in the sun!

9) Golf Shoes

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. With some many options, which golf shoes do you go with? Are they even worth giving as a gift?

The answer is yes if they are Sketchers Golf Shoes! Yes, I feel weird saying this as I am not an affiliate with sketchers by any means.

However, in my pro shop, I tell all of my customers how much I love sketcher golf shoes and how comfortable they are.

They are also waterproof! I own three pairs, and they are my favorite when walking around the course!

Check out both men and women’s Sketcher Shoe options here!

10) Golf Belts

Keep those pants up! Golf belts come in a variety of different colors and designs. My personal favorite is the NexBelt.

I like them because they are so simple to use! These belts are a one size fits all.

Just cut the strap to your desired waist size, and you and “presto” have the perfect golf belt!

Another bonus is that the golf series next belts have a hidden ball marker underneath the buckle that you can use out on the putting green!

11) Golf Towel

This golf towel is not just an ordinary golf towel. This golf towel is duel sided meaning that there is an outside towel and inside towel!

If the weather is sunny, wet the inside and clean on the outside. If it is raining, scrub and wipe down with the outside and dry on the inside. It’s brilliant!

12) Practice Net

The best thing a beginning golfer can do to improve their game is to practice. However, practicing golf at the driving range or golf course can get expensive.

Why not practice in your backyard or garage?

With this practice net, you will be able to use different surfaces to improve your play in the comfort of your own home!

13) Golf Swing Speed Radar

Knowing how fast you can swing your golf clubs can mean a lot towards improving your game.

For one thing, it can help you understand which club shaft flex you may need to be using.

Tip: For more information on club flex, check out my article here on which golf clubs you need in your bag!

Learning this information will help increase confidence and aid with your ball striking consistency!

Also, having a golf swing radar will help beginning golfers track their progress as they slowly raise their clubhead speed! 

14) Golf Bag

In need of new golf bag? I will admit they do get a bit pricey especially when trying to buy from retail stores.

That’s why in my opinion, save your money on golf bags! Check out great affordable golf bags!

There’s no need to have an extravagant golf bag; as long as they can hold your golf accessories, any bag will do just fine.

15) Golf Umbrella

Like I said earlier, it will rain on the golf course! That’s why it’s best to always to have a handy golf umbrella nearby.

This umbrella here gives full protection from the rain and comfortably fits in a golf bag for storage.

16) Storage Rack

A great gift to free up some of the clutter in a garage or office! This storage rack fits two golf bags and has extra storage for shoes and other golf accessories.

We use a similar type of rack in our cart barn to hold our rental clubs and it definitely helps with organization!

17) Putting Mat

Drive for show, putt for dough. Putting is one of the most crucial components of the game.

Every golfer should be practicing their putting stroke to hone in their distance control. Why not start practicing at home or during the cold months?

That’s why I recommend this putting mat here.

It has three separate holes with different breaks so a beginning golfer can learn how to control their putts and read the putting surface!

18) Practice Golf Balls

Sticking with the theme of practicing at home, practice golf balls are a must!

You can make full swings in your backyard without the fear of breaking someone’s window.

Trust me when I say that practice makes perfect and by making repetitive swings using these practice golf balls, your golf swing is going to improve!

19) Chippo – Golf Game

Have you ever played the game bags (corn-hole)? This is a spin-off game where you can play in teams trying to get your golf balls in the different size holes.

I have this game and use it on vacations on the beach or in the park! It helps dial in your chipping in a fun-competitive way.

20) Ball Retriever

Do you know a golf ball hoarder? Me too! Consider this a perfect gift then. This ball retriever has the length to reach the hard to reach places.

Grandpa just got even better at finding golf balls!

21) Swing Trainer

So usually, I don’t like to recommend swing trainers.

Many of them are quite gimmicky and don’t seem to follow through with the promise of a “perfect” golf swing.

However, I saw an ad for this swing trainer online, and I immediately had to try it with my students. Wow!

This thing automatically teaches golfers how to improve their ball striking and club path!

This means whether you are hitting the golf ball to the left, right, thin or fat, this training aid will make your swing better! It’s like your private golf instructor!

22) Golf Lessons

The gift of golf lessons can be a game changer for beginners!

Golf lessons teach new golfers all of the fundamentals they need to start progressing their skills and enjoyment of the game.

If this sounds like an excellent gift for a golfer you know, contact local golf courses and ask about private instruction packages that you can purchase!

golf lessons

23) Golf Accessories

Every golfer is going to need minor accessories like:

Tip: Learn more by checking out my recommended products!

golf accessories

24) GPS Devices

Rangefinders are cool and can help you immensely out on the course. But do you want to know what’s even better?

A watch that can tell you your distances without having to scope out the yardage! That’s right!

This watch shows you the yardages to the front, middle and back of the green.

And that’s not all; this watch can keep track of your score and golf stats so you can accurately see your progress!

This is a great gift for beginning golfer to become more excited about the game!

25) Gift Cards

If you want to keep it simple, just going to local golf pro shops and purchasing gift cards can be a great option as a gift.

Gift cards usually cover a few rounds of golf or possibly some merchandise that can be bought at the pro shop.

gift cards

26) Golf Cart Cover

No one like to play golf when the wind is nipping your face!

That’s why I recommend that you look into getting a golf cart cover for those golfers who like playing the game, even when the temperatures start to drop.

27) Golf Cart Fan

Need to cool down on a hot day? Check out this battery powered fan that sits in the cart cup holder.

It can blast speeds up up 20 mph to help cool you off and keep your sanity and beat the heat!


So whether you are looking for gift ideas for yourself or others, use these golf items as a guide to finding what you’re looking for!

Many of the links listed above are my best recommendations for anyone starting to get involved in the game of golf!

Having been in the golf industry for 10 years trust me when I say I know which products “actually” help you improve.

Whether that be through training aids or the proper golf equipment, use this post as a guide to improve!

Tip: If you want more information on how to get started in the game of golf, check out my beginning golfer survival guide there!

Thank you for reading and have fun buying your perfect golf gift!

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