How To Replace Golf Spikes? Guide For Replacing Golf Shoe Spikes

Have you ever slipped in your golf swing? Chances are that your golf shoe spikes are worn out (or you aren’t wearing golf shoes).

It is very beneficial to have working golf shoes out on the course as they help with comfort and balance of the golf swing and with the uneven terrain of the course.

An old pair of shoes can cause inconsistent golf shots and blisters on your feet! But how do we know when to replace them and which spike to get?

When to Know if you Need New Spikes (Or Shoes)

The general rule of thumb for replacing golf shoe spikes is once every 20 rounds or twice a year. 

You need new spikes when:

  • The spikes flatten out
  • The spikes start to chip away
  • Use lose a spike
  • You’ve played over 20 rounds

After a long period of time, your golf shoes will become worn out, and it may be time for a new pair.

You’ll know it’s time when:

  • Your feet start getting wet from the course
  • There are tears or rips
  • The holes for golf spikes are stripped
  • Your feet hurt

How To Clean Your Golf Spikes?

Having dirty spikes can also cause lousy traction when swinging. Golf can get dirty at times, and your spikes will pick up chunks of grass and dirt.

Most courses have spike brush cleaners around the pro shop for you to brush off your shoes.

You can also hit your shoes together after a round so that extra dirt and grass can fall off. If your golf shoes get too dirty, dirt will collect underneath the golf spikes and cause them to fade faster and be harder to remove.

How To Remove Golf Spikes?

Different golf shoes require different golf spikes. However, when removing golf spikes, all you need is a proper golf spike tool.

Just put the prongs in the two spike holes and rotate counterclockwise to loosen. The spike will come lose just like a screw.

Replacing Golf Spikes

If you do not have a golf spike tool, you can use home tools like pliers or a screwdriver to pry the spikes out.

I would recommend the pliers as they are simple to use and usually the spike comes right off.

However, if the shoes have collected a lot of dirt underneath the spike, it will be more difficult to tear off.

In this scenario, I use a screwdriver to dig underneath the spike, working around the hole until it comes off.

Best Golf Spikes to Get

To know which spikes to get, you have to see the style of your golf shoe.

Here is a quick guide to know which golf spike to purchase: 

  • All Adidas Golf Shoes – PINS
  • Callaway Shoes – PINS (Callaway Chev Aero II – Fast Twist)
  • All Ecco Shoes – Q Lok
  • FootJoy Shoes– Fast Twist (Footjoy M: Footjoy DNA, Footjoy Superlites – PINS)
  • Nike Shoes – Fast Twist
  • Puma – PINS
  • Sketchers – PINS

I know, it’s somewhat frustrating that there can’t be one universal spike that fits all shoes. But most sporting goods stores and pro shops sell golf spikes where you can purchase however many you need.

How To Install Golf Spikes?

Once you have your proper golf spike, it’s time to put them on. Make sure all the spikes are removed from the shoe, and there is no dirt in the holes.

To install, it is best to use the golf spike tool, where you push the spike down in the hole and turn clockwise.

If you do not have one, take your shoes to your local golf course and have them install them on for you. It takes little time, and there is usually no fee (unless you purchase the spikes there)

Removing Golf Spikes at Home

Spike-less Golf Shoes

Another option you can choose to wear is spike-less golf shoes. These shoes have plastic grooves on the bottom and still offer traction out on the course.

Many people choose the spike-less option as they look and appear like regular cross-training shoes.

My personal favorite is the sketchers spike-less golf shoe. They are very comfortable and affordable!


It’s important to be aware of your golf spikes, making sure that they are clean and not worn down.

Having current spikes allows better balance and mobility on the course, through all types of weather conditions.

I would highly recommend getting a golf spike tool so that you can remove and install spikes on your own.

Taking good care of your golf shoes will also lead to longer lasting spikes and a longer lasting shoe!

Tip: Find out which spike your golf shoe requires or look at my list above so you can be prepared for when you need to replace them!

You can also check information on golf equipment you need as a beginner.

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