What’s a Good Golf Score for 9-18 Holes? What Should you be Shooting

Use the info below to see what category you fall into to see what target scores you might be trying to achieve during your round!

Average Golf Scores

  • Beginner – 100-115 for 18 Holes
  • Average – 90-95 for 18 Holes
  • High School – 45 for 9 Holes
  • Collegiate – 77- 80 for 18 Holes
  • Professional – 69-71 for 18 Holes
  • Junior – Varies on Age (more below)

Beginning Golfers

Beginning golfers are golfers who have never played before or only play golf a few times a year.

underline;”>Beginning golfers usually shoot around 100-115 for 18 holes of golf.

This is a common starting score for both men and women golfers when first starting to learn the fundamentals and techniques.

Don’t get frustrated if you fall into this category! To improve your game faster, check out my beginner’s golf school!

Average Golfers

Average golfers play golf around once or twice a week and typically shoot a golf score around 90-95 for 18 holes.

Average or “bogey” golfers have a general understanding of the game but struggle to develop any type of consistency out on the course.

High School Golfers

High school golfers usually start playing around the ages of 14-18 years of age.

For those just trying to make the team, shooting a 9 hole score in the upper to mid 40’s is a good starting point.

As time progresses, the more elite high school golfers start to shoot in the high-30’s or low 40’s for 9-holes of golf.

College Golfers

Here’s where things get more difficult!

Playing collegiate golf requires superb golf skills as coaches are looking for players who can consistently shoot in the 70’s for 18-holes of golf.

The elite college golfers are shooting around par (72) for 18 holes.

Average college scores can differ depending on what division the college is in (D1, D2, D3) and the level of competition of the other players on the team.

So if you can shoot in the mid to high 70’s you are looking pretty good to join a college golf team!

Professional Golfers

How about those guys and girls on TV? As of last golf season, (2018), the average scores for both men and women were right around 69-70 for an 18-hole round.

This translates to roughly -1 or -2 under each round!

These players are so defined in their game that they can make a living by competing and placing in tournaments.

To get this level requires full determination and effort to get these low scores.

Junior Golfers

Depending on the age of the junior, I would say that once they start shooting in the 80’s for 18-holes or 40’s for 9-holes, they are on a good pace towards playing golf in middle or high school (usually ages 10-13).

Junior golfers that are younger would fall more into the beginner category listed above so you can use those average scores as a reference when trying to find where you fall.

Thank for reading and I hope you continue to improve your golf skills and lower your scores! If you want any help check out my free golf school here!

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