Sketchers Go Golf Elite V.3 Men’s Shoe – Honest Golfer’s Review

Sketchers Golf Shoes have been growing in popularity over the past few years. I know this from personal experience of ordering Sketcher’s golf shoes for the golf course I managed. People loved them! But are they all they are cracked up to be?

Sketcher’s Go Golf Elite V.3 Men’s Shoe Quick Review: Sketcher’s Go Golf Elite V.3 is one of the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn, hand down. It’s durability and water resistance is also very impressive and keep your feet feeling satisfied throughout the duration of your golf round. 

I have had many different types of golf shoes throughout the years and I highly recommend looking into these shoes.

Features of the Sketchers Go Golf Elite V.3

sketchers golf shoe

  • Outer-Leather finish
  • H2Go waterproof protection
  • Cushioned insole
  • Spikeless
  • Lightweight (approx. 10.25 oz. per shoe)
  • Heel lock design
  • Various colors and shoe designs in the V.3 model

My Opinion of the Sketchers Go Golf Elite V.3

As I mentioned above, the Sketchers Go Golf Elite V.3 is the most comfortable golf shoe I have worn while golfing. I have used some of the more expensive shoes out there (brands not named) and these have surpassed all expectations and made me a believer in Sketchers Golf.

I live in Michigan where some of the golf season comes with soggy and wet conditions out on the course. I was hesitant at first to use these shoes in such weather but amazingly, these shoes kept my feet nice and dry throughout the whole round! I don’t mean to bash other companies on this review but Sketchers sure made it a point to one-up a lot of their competition when it comes to keeping your feet dry and comfortable

What is V.3 Model

sketchers golf shoe

The V.3 Sketchers shoe model is the spike-less edition to the Sketchers Go Golf Elite shoe line. The V.4 models come with spikes while the V.3 do not. The V.4 are a little more expensive than the V.3 but some golfers do prefer to have spiked golf shoes.

In my experience, spike-less golf shoes do just fine in almost all conditions. The only thing that might happen once in a while with spike-less golf shoes is that dirt might build up during your round and depending on the weather conditions, you might lose a bit of traction when swinging. To avoid this, just make sure the bottoms are clean and the V.3 will do the trick very nicely.

Cost of the Sketcher Go Golf Elite V.3

This is where things get interesting. Sketcher’s Golf Shoes are relatively cheaper than other top-selling golf shoes on the market. They get even more affordable once they get put up in golf pro shops, online stores or local sporting goods stores. I don’t want to speak for all retail stores but I have seen some of these shoes sell for under $70 while other companies sell similar shoes for well over $120!

sketchers golf shoe
Me wearing the V.3 sketchers shoe, proudly!

Are the Sketchers Go Golf Elite V.3 Men’s Shoe for You?

Now my goal isn’t to “sell” you on these golf shoes. If you have pair golf shoes you like then, by all means, keep using those shoes. I just want golfers to be aware that my experience with Sketcher’s Golf Shoes has been great and that you should take a look at them if you are looking for an affordable, waterproof, stylish golf shoe. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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