What You Need to Play Golf in the Spring, Fall & Winter Months

If you’ve got the golfing itch, chances are you are going to want to play even when weather conditions aren’t the greatest. And if you live in an area that gets cold winters, (like me) you should definitely keep reading!

In the spring, the weather can be cold and wet. And in the winter the weather can be well… cold.

But this doesn’t have to stop you from playing! 

Here are a few items you can look into to keep you warm and dry without sacrificing your love of the game!

Golf Cart Cover

One thing you probably should have if you like to play golf in the spring and fall months is a golf cart cover.


  1. Wind Proof
  2. Quick Zip to throw over the cart
  3. Keeps Cart Clean and Dry
  4. Interior and exterior Zippers

Golf Cart Heater

Sometimes, only having a golf cart cover isn’t enough. You might want to add a portable golf cart heater to your cart in order to keep those hands warm and dry!

golf cart heater


  1. 4,000 BTU
  2. Wind Resistant Burner
  3. One button push ignition
  4. Cup holder adapter
  5. Automatic low oxygen shut-off system
  6. Connects directly to a 1lb. disposable cylinder

Cold Weather Gear

Last but not least, you are going to want to have cold weather golf gear to keep you warm and dry out on the golf course. Use the list below to see which items you might want to consider using when out on the golf course: 

  • Golf beanie
  • Cold weather gloves
  • Rain gloves
  • Rain pants
  • Waterproof golf shoes
  • Wind Proof pullover
  • Long sleeve mock
  • Hand warmers
  • Low compression golf balls (very important)
Best Cold Weather Gear
The long sleeve mock I use



Thanks for reading and feel free to comment down below about some of the best cold weather gear that works best for you!

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