Why Don’t Golfers Wear Two Gloves- Questions Answered

You might have noticed that golfers on TV tend to wear one golf club on their non-dominant hand. It is well known that golfers do this to reduce the possibility of blisters and to improve their grip on the club. But what about two? It would make sense that wearing two gloves would further reduce the number of blisters on your hands. Right?

Why don’t golfers wear two gloves? Most golfers don’t wear two gloves because it loosens the grip resulting in more inconsistent golf shots. Golfers also prefer to have a hand without a golf glove because it helps improve their feel of the swing which helps with timing and proper contact. 

When you boil it down though, golf gloves are only a preference. They are not required to play the game of golf. However certain benefits do arise that may make golfers elect to use a glove or maybe even two.

Purpose of a Golf Glove

golf gloves

The purpose of a golf glove is to give the golfer a better grip on the club while making a swing.  It is most commonly worn on the top hand when gripping the golf club. Golf gloves are made of leather which easily sticks to the rubber club grips. If you do not wear a glove on the top hand, you may have noticed that your top hand can easily slide during your swing and that this sliding may cause you to receive blisters after playing. Golfers elect to wear a glove on the top hand because it is crucial that this hand remain stable during the duration of the swing to generate more consistent golf shots.

Types of Golf Gloves

There are many different types of golf gloves that you can choose to use on the course.

  • High Quality- High-quality gloves are made more durable and can last much longer than standard gloves. An easy way to tell if a golf glove is of high quality is if you are spending over $15 on a golf glove. If you are, those are high-quality gloves!
  • Standard Gloves- Standard gloves are just that, standard. They will still help you with having a better handle on the golf club but are more likely to become worn out after several times of playing.
  • Rain Gloves–  Made of suede leather, these types of gloves are designed to breathe and quickly dry during wet conditions
  • Cold Weather Gloves- These gloves are made with a thicker layer to help keep your hands warm when conditions are cold.

Best Cold Weather Golf Equipment

Why Wear Two Gloves?

You don’t have to wear just one glove. I have personally met several people who enjoyed wearing two gloves. while playing

Benefits of wearing two- gloves: 

  1. Hands stay warm and dry
  2. Avoid blisters on both hands
  3. Maximize grip on the club with both hands

The most common reason people choose to use two-gloves is that of poor weather conditions. When it is raining or cold, your standard golf glove will not perform well. So to compensate, many golfers elect to wear rain or cold weather gloves on both hands.

If you are interested in these types of gloves, you can read my recommendations for both cold weather and rain gloves in my articles here. 

Related Questions

What is the most popular type of golf glove? – The most popular golf glove company is Footjoy. They make many different styles of gloves to match their customer’s needs.

Do golfers ever choose not to wear a glove? Some golfers don’t use a golf glove because they prefer to have the maximum feel of the golf swing.

Why do most golfers take their gloves off around the green?- When on the putting surface, the majority of golfers take their golf gloves off so they can feel their putting stroke more clearly. Also, when playing in hot conditions, golfers take their gloves off to allow their hands to breathe and not build up with sweat.


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