3 Things Under $10 That Every Golfer Needs

This post might be unnecessary for some of you. However, I am still always shocked by how many golfers don’t come to the golf course prepared with the right golf equipment.

Below are three things that every golfer needs to have that you can purchase for under $10 


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played golf with friends or family and they get to the tee only to find out, they don’t have a golf tee! Don’t be this person! 

To avoid ever being embarrassed because you don’t have a golf tee, just buy in bulk and stash them away in your golf bag.

Divot Repair Tool

If you respect the golf course, the golf course will respect you. Not sure if that is an actual quote or if I just made that up but I like it!

Point being, if you make a divot on the green, take the time to repair it with a divot repair tool. Golf is all about having good etiquette and being respectful of the course. And it only takes a few seconds to bend down and repair your ball mark.

You wouldn’t want a divot in the way of your putt, would you? So be respectful of other golfers and repair your divots!

Golf Brush

If you don’t keep your golf clubs clean, you will have a harder time staying consistent out on the golf course.

You’ll lose these three things (and more) if you don’t clean the grooves of your club

  • Spin
  • Feel
  • Distance

So to avoid having to get new golf clubs every other year, use a simple little golf brush that attaches right to your golf bag to keep those grooves clean. You’re wallet with thank you! 

Bonus – Golf Balls (Duh)

Of course, you need golf balls. But what kind should you play?

You should also check out this video here TXG guys. These guys are awesome and very knowledgable about golf equipment. In this video, they go over golf balls for average swing speeds and it is very interesting!


Thanks for reading everyone. If you have the time, comment down below and share what golf accessories you have that others might want to use for under $10!

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