Can You Walk Your Dog on The Golf Course?

Golf courses are so green and beautiful it can be hard not to want to run around on them. They are perfectly maintained and take a lot of work to upkeep.

If you’re thinking of joining a golf club for anything other than golf, there may be some questions you need to ask before making the decision.

If you are a golfer who also loves their dog, you may be wondering if you can take them golfing.

So, can you walk your dog on a golf course?

Some golf courses are actually dog friendly. No, you can’t let them off-leash.

However, you can walk them while you play your game. Not all golf courses are like this; you will have to read the rules of your chosen golf club.

Specific golf courses will not allow dogs to be on the golf course because they do not want the liability or responsibility of the dog on the course.

Make sure you call your course to find out the rules and to be sure you can bring your dog with you.

Why You Can’t Walk Your Dog

There are many reasons why your dog may or may not be the right fit to run or walk on the golf course.

  • Untrained – If you have not trained your dog well enough, they may run away. There are many people on the course, and if you do not have control, your dog could run away. The golf course does not want the responsibility of a dog scaring off another golfer.
  • Maintained – A golf course is perfectly maintained, and sometimes if you don’t watch your dog close enough, they may ruin the well-maintained space. Most dog owners are responsible and understand this. However, some gold courses do not want to even take the chance.
  • Chemicals – Golf courses have a high standard; the grass needs to feel and look a certain way. The only way they can maintain this look is through chemicals. These chemicals may not be the best for your dog’s health.

Although there are a few reasons that you will not want to take your dog on the course, there are a few good reasons why you would want to.

This can be an excellent way for your dog to get some extra outside time.

You will always have a buddy who will chase away other pesky animals on your course.

Bringing your dog is a great conversation starter, and you might even make new friends who also have dogs. There are many wonderful reasons why you should just be sure to make sure it is acceptable.

What Golf courses Are Okay With a Dog

Many golf courses are okay with dogs on their property.

The best way to find out is to call the front desk or owners and ask if they are okay with dogs on their courses.

  • Belgrade lakes – This golf course is located in Maine and is set in the woods. It has beautiful hills all throughout the course and is perfect for dogs. The course knows that it is an ideal place for golf and take your dog’s, so they absolutely allow it.
  • Discovery Bay – A golf course in Townsend Washington features amazing views of the cascades, and the most fantastic thing is that this golf course is 100 years old! It allows dogs and golfers to enjoy their days surrounded by the mountains.
  • True Blue Golf Club – In South Carolina, this gold club is known among the golfers as a must go to if you’re on the way to Myrtle beach.

There are many more places around the United States that will allow you to bring your dogs on the course.

These are just a few of the main ones that you can take your dogs to. You will always have to take responsibility, so you should make sure your dog is adequately trained.

Who Could Walk Their Dog on a Golf Course?

During off-seasons, even if the golf course is closed and does not allow dogs, they might make an exception.

You should always call the course to make sure it is okay to do. If your dog is well trained and a place allows it, you can walk your dog on the course.

If you’re a dog owner looking to play a round of golf and want to give your dog exercise too, this is the perfect opportunity.

Many maintenance men who take care of the course will also have dogs.

They will train the dogs to help them take care of the property; the dogs will scare away other animals that do not belong.

You will want to make sure that your dog can interact with other dogs they may be on the course.

Can You Take Your Dog to Mini-Golf?

Mini golf places tend to be a little stricter and will probably not be allowed on the course unless it is an animal that helps you around.

A service dog would be allowed anywhere if it were necessary. However, most mini golf courses will not allow dogs. They are much smaller than other courses and are not public property.

Mini golf courses do not want the responsibility, and they do not want to risk anyone getting hurt from a dog.

On top of that, it is a smaller space, and any mess would be hazardous for such a small course. So, if you’re planning a mini-golf trip, it is best to keep your dog at home.

Mini golf will not be the best place to take your dog; there will not be enough space. There will be a lot of bigger families at mini-golf than a normal golf course, and this may make your dog more anxious than a regular golf course.

Final Thought

When you decide to bring your dog, golfing make sure it is okay with the golf club you go to. You will want to make sure your dog knows the basic commands like come and stay or the versions that your dog knows.

It will be essential to know how to control your dog in a public setting.

A golf course may not be the best place for a puppy unless they are a little older and have a good understanding of your commands.

However, no matter how trained your dog is, you will not be able to take them mini-golfing unless a place states otherwise.

You may also want to take your dog on a long walk before going golfing; it will help get rid of any extra energy and may help them on the golf course.

You will see a lot of superintendents and other workers who will bring their dogs to work, so your dog must be able to interact with other dogs.

Whatever you do, make sure you read the rules of the course and know what you are and are not responsible even with your dog.

The last thing you will want is to have your dog get you kicked off the course. Make sure you know your dog and how they will react to being on the course.

The most important thing is to have fun and relax on your golf trip. If you take your dog, make sure they are happy and have enough food for a long golf trip.

This should be a fun time that allows you to take time away and allows your dog to get in extra exercise. Once you start golfing with your dog, you will never look back.