Why Do Pro Golfers Wear Hats?

Simply put, professional golfers wear hats for:

  • Advertising
  • To protect the top of their head from the sun
  • To keep the sun out of their eyes

That is the straight answer. However, not all pro golfers wear hats. At the end of the day, it boils down to the golfer’s preference and how they feel when wearing a hat.


For most pros, getting paid to wear a company brand hat is a no brainer. But again, it depends on the individual. It is a big deal in the golf industry on which golf manufacturer a pro is sided with. And one of the best ways to represent a golf company is by wearing their branded hat.

Here is a list down below of some of the popular golfers and what golf company they represent: 

  • Dustin Johnson – Taylormade
  • Patrick Reed- Callaway
  • Jordan Speith – Titleist
  • Hideki Matsuyama- Srixon
  • Gary Woodland- Wilson

What About Tiger Woods? 

Tiger Woods is an interesting case. He still represents Nike apparel wearing their logo hat but uses Taylormade clubs (as of 2019) and a Bridgestone golf ball.

Most golfers usually stick with one company but Tiger Woods is well.. Tiger Woods so he can do what he wants.

Types of Golf Hats

Having good golf fashion is huge these days and the style of golf hats has changed over the past 20 years. Not all of us have the luxury of getting paid to wear a hat however, we can still choose to represent our favorite golf company.

Here are a few hat options you can look into: Just click a picture if you want to check out different style hats or color options!

Bucket Hat

Flat Cap

Golf Cap 

Flat Bill Hat


Thanks for reading and feel free to comment down below on what type of golf hat you use or what golf brand you like to represent!

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