What to Expect Joining a Golf League

Interested in joining a golf league? If you are curious about what a golf league is and how to sign up, read down below on what to expect joining a league

Types of Golf Leagues

There are several types of golf leagues that you can sign up for. You can choose between either competitive or recreational leagues to play in.

House Leagues: These are leagues held by the golf course and are available to the public. They typically range between 16- and 32 players. You can choose between many different options such as:

  • Ladies leagues
  • Men’s Leagues
  • Mixed Leagues
  • Beginning Leagues
  • Couples Leagues
  • Junior Leagues
  • Parent Junior Leagues

Private Leagues: These leagues are organized and operate independently from the course. They are usually run by a league representative how who acts as a liaison between the league and the golf course. They typically range between 12-40 players, depending on who runs the league.  Private leagues simply rent the course for a certain length of time during the season.


Golf Leagues vary in price based on a few factors:

  1. Length: The longer the golf league is, the more money it’s going to cost. Our typical golf leagues run around 16 weeks long. (Not including holidays or rainouts).
  2. Use of Golf Carts: Some leagues prefer to walk, others prefer to ride. Obviously, leagues that choose to use golf carts are going to be more expensive than an all walking league.
  3. Prizes: We’ll get into the different types of awards later but the leagues that do elect to use prizes from the golf course, often cost more than leagues that handle their winnings.
  4. Food: Sometimes, leagues elect to have an end of the year banquet which also effects the cost of the league
  5. Quality of Course: The higher the quality of the golf course, the more expensive your league is going to be. (You can learn more about the real prices of golf here)

How to Sign Up

You can choose to sign up for golf leagues at your local public courses and on their websites. Ask around and see if your work has a golf league that you can join. If they don’t, maybe you can help create one! It’s up to you if you want to join an independent league (like one with your work) or a house league (run by the golf course).  Either option helps you meet more people and have fun out on the golf course.

Golf League
Here’s an example of one of our intermediate house leagues


Different leagues use different scoring systems and formats to help keep each week fun

A few examples of different scoring formats are:

  • Handicap system: You are given a golf handicap based on an average of your standard 18 hole golf scores. This handicap then get’s factored in when playing a round in your league to help try and keep the playing field “equal.”
  • Blind Draw: This scoring system is where you play with a different partner each week and play as a team against another random pairing.
  • Stroke Play: This type of scoring system awards points based on how low you shoot during the week. At the end of the season, the person with the most points wins the league. There is no handicap scoring, and there are no teams. You play with a different group each week and try and shoot as low as you can.

There are plenty of other types of formats that leagues use with unique rules that put a fun spin on the game


As I mentioned earlier, most golf leagues run for 14-16 weeks. This is the standard length of a golf season and works best with the weather. Sometimes The length of the round usually rounds between 2.5 – 3 hours for nine holes. Leagues use a nine-hole format because most are held after work from 4:00-7:00 on weekdays.


Many golf leagues have prizes that they give out either at the end of the season or on a weekly basis. We have private leagues that award trophies and cash prizes for the winning individual or team.

At our course, we award golf balls, tees and other merchandise on a weekly basis for:

This all depends on who runs the league and how many players are involved

Golf League Benefits

There are many benefits to playing in a golf league

  1. Assigned tee time: Having a set tee time each week that you play helps keep you organized and more prepared for your round.
  2. Playing under pressure: Playing in front of other people can be intimidating. However, in a league, you will learn to calm your nerves and get used to playing with others.
  3. Play nice courses: Depending on where you live or work, you can choose to join a league at a high-quality course you usually wouldn’t play at.
  4. Meet new people: You’ll play with all sorts of people in your league and make new golfing friends.
  5. Swing Timing: Because you will be playing once a week, your swing timing and tempo will improve over the season!

What to Expect

Joining a golf league can be great fun! If you are new to the game, take a quick look at my beginning golfer’s survival guide here!

If you are looking for a set tee time each week where you can meet new people and improve your game, joining a golf league may be right for you! Ask around your work or search your local courses to find out what leagues they offer so you can find one that best suits your game.

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