Which Driver Shaft Flex Should Women Use?

When trying to find the best driver that gives you the most distance and consistency, you first need to know which shaft flex you need for your particular golf swing.

What is Ladies Flex in Golf Clubs?

Most women would be fine using either a uni-flex (universal), or ladies flex club shaft.

These lighter, more flexible shafts help maximize clubhead speed and return the clubhead to a square position when making contact. 

Purpose of Flex in Golf Shaft

The goal of shaft flex is to optimize both distance and accuracy within individual golf swings.

Because each swing is different, there are a wide variety of options that one can choose to get the most out of their golf clubs. In scientific terms,  shaft flex is determined by the frequency of the shaft per minute (cycles per minute) during a golf swing.

This frequency has to be matched with both the tempo and timing of each golfer for the club shaft to be used correctly.

Different Club Flex Options

As mentioned, there are hundreds of varying club shaft styles and things get even more complicated when using the driver since it is the lightest and longest club in the bag. But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

Most driver shafts come in one of the following options:

  • Extra Stiff Flex (XS)
  • Stiff Flex (S)
  • Regular Flex (R)
  • Senior Flex (A)
  • Uni-flex (universal)
  • Ladies Flex (L)


To make this whole process much more straightforward, you can find out which driver shaft you need based on how fast you swing the club.

The faster you swing the club, the higher the frequency (flex).

The higher the frequency, the stiffer club shaft you need to return the clubface to square at address.

How To Find Right Driver Club Shaft For Women?

Here is my guide to finding the right driver club shafts for women:

  • If your clubhead speed is between 45-65 mph and hit your driver 185 yards or less, it is best to use ladies shaft flex.
  • Women with club head speeds of 65-80 mph and hit their driver 200-225 yards off the tee, may want to try either uni-flex or senior shaft flexes.
  • Anyone with club head speeds of 80-95 mph and hit the driver 225-250 should look into getting a regular club shaft flex.
  • With a club head speeds of 95 mph or higher and distances reaching 250 + with the driver, I recommend getting a stiff shaft flex.

Where to Purchase Driver Club Shaft?

When deciding where to purchase a driver club shaft, you can look at the following places:

Local Golf Stores – You can elect to have a driver fitting where professionals will see through swing metrics matching up the right driver to your swing.

They cost anywhere between $75 to $100 per fitting (sometimes waived if you purchase at the store)

eBay – A great place to find affordable club shaft options is online through eBay.

Just make sure you look at the information above to know which club shaft flex category you fall into

Amazon – Like eBay, Amazon has a wide variety of driver flexes you can grab.

You can choose to either buy a driver with your desired flex already installed or purchase the club shafts separately.

If bought separately, you will need to take the shaft and driver club head to a local pro shop or golf shop to be glued on.


Finding the right driver flex all depends on the tempo and rhythm of your swing.

A faster swing requires a stiff club shaft, and a slower swing requires a more flexible club shaft.

For more recommendations on club equipment or accessories check out the page here for more info!

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