Yellow vs. White Golf Balls: What’s the Difference?

Over the past few years, golf ball companies have been creating different colored golf balls to add variety to golfer’s playing preferences. The two most popular colors are white and yellow golf balls.

Yellow and white golf balls of the same manufacturer, if struck identically, will have the exact same ball flight and reaction with the golf club. However, many golfers believe that they can better see yellow golf balls in the air compared to white golf balls. 

Cool Video

Here is a cool video from Mark Crossfield you should watch if you are curious about how white and yellow golf balls react out on the course

My Opinion

Choosing what color golf ball you want to play is all preference. Some may say that they can better see a yellow ball in the air or that a yellow ball looks bigger at address.

In my opinion, I can see a yellow golf ball better in the air. However, I don’t particularly like searching for a yellow ball in deep rough. For me, I think my brain has been conditioned to look for white in the grass so white balls just stand out better for me.

Some may argue that opposite and say that the yellow stands out for them and saves them time looking for golfs. In the end, it really just boils down to what color fits your eye better.

Where to Purchase

There is a lot of companies coming out with different colored golf balls these days. Volvik, Wilson Callaway, they all have them. Even the Pro V1 is yellow now!

My favorite company that sells yellow balls is Srixon.

  • I like Srixon Yellow Golf Balls because I feel that the color yellow they use lasts longer than other company’s yellow. It just seems a lot brighter to me which can help a lot of golfers find their ball faster.

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop a comment down below on your experience with yellow golf balls and if you like them!

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